Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10,000 views in one month. Thank you!

Damn, March was a fun month.  Hardly did any painting and played a lot of 40k games.

JJ typing, It has been a great ride seeing the view count increase.  Seems every month there's significantly more people viewing this blog.  Thank you.  You inspire me to continue putting work into this little sandbox of ours.

Blogging is a strange beast.  Like grooming a cat with a brush.  You can't use the same brush everytime.  What is popular one week or month isn't the next.  Even the posts that get the most hits have an ebb and flow.  Nevermind finding that sweet spot where your audience and posts collide.  I believe there are 40k bloggers out there that have found that goldielocks zone.  They no doubt need to adjust their content as their audience increases.  That adjustment doesn't take them very long.

I'm thankful for the regular viewers.  Some tell me what they like.  Others pull out the education hammer and pound sense into me.

I appreciate you stopping by and check out our sandbox.  Hope you enjoy your stay.

Would like your feedback on something.  Is there something you want to see more on this blog or you think is missing?  If so please leave a comment or email me.

I'll leave you with Connor's advice on how to win in 40k: Make all your To Hit rolls, make all your To Wound rolls and make all your saving throws.

slainte mhath


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