Monday, April 29, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Screamers Slashing Attack and Psyk out Grenades

Here are a couple more rules from last weeks game.

JJ typing, Screamers Slashing Attack Chaos Daemons Codex 6th ed pg 41

Use the final position of the Screamers for the purpose of Wound allocation; vehicles are always hit on their side armour.

Context: Screamers turbo-boosted over some Purifiers.  I thought wounds were taken from the front.  Shawn informed me from the final position, not starting.

Here's a two-fer for Psyk-Out Grenades

Psyk-out Grenades Grey Knights Codex 5th ed pg 61

When an[sic] unit equipped with psyk-out grenades launches an assault, any Daemons or psykers in the assaulted unit(s) are reduced to Initiative 1 for the remainder of the phase.

Context: Told Shawn about these bad boys.  Said that if the unit has a psyker in the entire units initiative is reduced to 1.  He asked to see the codex and corrected me.  It is just the psyker not the entire unit.  My bad.  Second correction regarding the grenades: daemon prince assaulted a squad of Purifiers.  I ran them wrong.  Purifiers went first.  Shawn texted me after the game saying initiative reduced to 1 only counts when unit launches an assault.  Daemon Prince should've gone first.  Thanks for the correction, brother.

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