Friday, April 12, 2013

13.4.9 1850 Grey Knights vs Necrons w/Chaos Space Marines

You've heard the song.  You've seen the dance.  This one is no different.  Well, slightly different.

JJ typing, After many months finally have another game with Connor.  I've said this many times.  I'll say it again.  Connor is one of my favourite opponents because every game he's teaching me something.

Met at Fantasy Flight.  Wore my VNV Nation polo shirt.

Here's Connor list.  Its his Adepticon list.  As he said.  He's doing a ridiculous amount of proxying.

Necron Lord -90
Cryptek w/ voltaic staff (x2) -50
Necron Warriors (x3) -195
Nightscythe (x3) - 300
Fast Attack
5 Wraiths (x2) -350
Heavy Support
3 Annihilation barges w/ tesla carbine -270
Chaos Sorcerer w/ jump pack, burning brand -105
Cultists -50
Fast Attack
Heldrake w/ baleflamer -170
Heavy Support
3 Obliterators -210

Mission: Crusade.  Three objectives.  Deployment: Vanguard Strike.

I won roll off decided to deploy and go second.  Connor states that this a poor match up.  He has four flyers and doesn't think its going to go well.

The stage of our event.

Necron deployment.  Rhinos are Annihilation Barges.  Terminators are Wraiths.

Grey Knights deployment.

Attempted to seize initiative.  Nope.  Necrons first.

Top of first unpictured.  Annihilation barges do some shooting.  One gets stuck in difficult terrain.  Bottom of first.  Psyflemen and Vindicare remove all but one annihilation barge.  No wounds to wraiths.

Top of second.  Connor's Chaos Sorcerer doesn't arrive.  Nor does his Obliterators.  Then he remembers he hasn't rolled Warlord Traits.  He rolls strategic and gets re-roll reserves.  The results are flipped.  Still neither.  Empty flyer stands are Night Scythes.  Far flyer with basing is Heldrake.  Necron shooting removes two Psyflemen.  Heldrake happily removes far combat squad.  Have to remember ideal unit coherency for blast/templates.  Wraiths assault combat squad on right.  I'm losing Purifiers at a quick rate.  Orcs are Necron warriors.

Bottom of second.  Other annihilation barge is destroyed.  More wounds to Wraiths.  Not enough.  Damn I love that unit.  Wraiths finally take out Purifiers they assaulted last turn.  It is about this time Connor says he was expecting to table me in turn three.  Then apologizes for being a bad sport by saying that.  Tell him, it's ok we have fun games.  No offense taken at all.

Top of third.  I thought I knew what I was doing regarding placing models in a way so that flyer bases couldn't land.  Nope.  All Psyflemen are removed from table.  Rhino down.  Love those Voltaic staves.  Terminators are Obliterators appear.  Sorcerer deep strikes onto Rhino, into Ongoing Reserves he goes.  Vindicare assassin proves tougher than Ork/Necrtons expected.  Heldrake removes combat squad from objectives in foreground.  Again poor unit coherency was the culprit.

Bottom of third.  Single Purifier assaults Necron warriors taking on Vindicare.  Things aren't looking good.  It is about this time I say that I'm having too much fun with Connor to even stick to my tactics.  Apparently I need more games of 40k with this army so I can BS and still keep my tactics going.  Not a problem with my Necron army.  Probably because I'm so used to that army.

Top of fourth.  There are very few Grey Knights left on the field.  Finally Chaos Sorcerer appears.  One Purifier, Rhino and Crowe remains at end of turn.  Crowe takes a lot of shots but remains standing thanks to his saves.  Connor says that he should've had his Obliterators shoot at Crowe.  They probably would've removed him.  This when I tell Connor that this army has not been tabled yet.  He's perplexed and looks at the army asking really?  I say yes.  He says that he should've used his daemons but that I said he should use his Necrons for Adepticon.  Told him he can use his daemons next time.  He says we can call it.  I say "Hell no!  You want to table me.  You have to earn it.  I don't give up a game unless I feel myself becoming an asshole and ruining future relations like I did with Sam last year."  Yet by doing so still damaged relations with Sam.  As Bruce says "That is olde water."

Bottom of fourth.  Ok, finally I get what I want.  Crowe assaults Sorcerer.  He's removed from the field.  This is the second game that Crowe takes out a HQ without Heroic Sacrifice.  Starting to feel good about him.  Move Purifier into Rhino in attempt to deny Connor the tabling.

Top of fifth.  It happens.  Tabled.  Had a damn fun time with Connor.  Thanks for the game, buddy.

Loss.  Necrons w/CSM tabled Grey Knights

A really bad part of me wants to show up at FF and find some youth <14 years olde who's playing just so I can go baby seal clubbing for a win with this army.  I won't let myself do that.  Will continue to take my beatings and hope it comes to something before I change my Grey Knights list.

Thinking I should keep Psyflemen behind aegis because of the 4+ cover save.  Have Rhinos infront.  Move up.  Pop smoke, which I never do.  Be aggressive with Purifiers.  Hope to remember that plan for next battle.

slainte mhath

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