Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Forgeworld Kaela Mensha Khaine part 3

This model is really coming together.  What I didn't like about this model has grown on me.  As LT said "You are your worst critic."

Airbrush Reaper Master Series Surf Aqua.

JJ typing, As I'm painting more of it.  Find the colours are coming together nicely.  Looks like the other colours won't drown out the body unlike the previous Avatar as Spyrle mentioned.  Which I agree with him.

Airbrush Alaitoc Blue.  Layered blues up the Crown of the Undying King and shoulder armour.

Airbrush Caledor Sky.  More layering to the top of the crown and farther down the shoulder armour.

Close up of shoulder armour.

Auric Gold Armour

Pre-earings painting.

Earings; left based Ironbreaker with Mithril Silver highlight.  Right Liche Purple, Flash Gitz Yellow and Lightning Blue with Vallejo Brassy Brass frame and Ironbreaker highlights.  Crown minour Ironbreaker.  Crown majour Mithril Silver.  Crown filigree Ironbreaker.

Gryphonne Sepia wash over crown.

slainte mhath


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