Friday, January 25, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Slow and Purposeful, Psychic Powers; Declare Target, Blast Marker and Challenges

Here are rules that came up during Tues nights game.

I love Typhus.  Best Chaos Space Marine HQ in my opinion.  Really it's the model.  The model is badass.  Oh, if you have the chance ask Bryan about his Typhus.

Slow and Purposeful 40k6 pg 47

A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule cannot Run, Turbo-boost, move Flat Out, perform a Sweeping Advance or fire Overwatch.

Context: During the game Plague Zombies wanted to Run.  They have the special rule Slow and Purposeful they could not Run.

Psychic Powers; Declare Target 40k6 pg 67

Unless otherwise stated, the Psyker must have line of sight to his target.

Context: Wanted to have Eldrad cast Dominate on a squad but did could not because he did not have line of sight to a target.

Blast Marker 40k6 pg 33

Note that it is possible and absolutely fine, for a shot to scatter beyond the weapons maximum or minimum range and line of sight.

Context: Question was was brought up about wounds being taken on models that were out of sight from the firer.  Could they be injured by a Blast Marker.  Blast Markers do not follow the rule Out of Sight 40k6 pg 16.

Challenges 40k6 pg 64

-- the side whose turn it is has the opportunity to issue a challenge first.  If that side choose not to, then the other side can issue a challenge.

Context: Bryan wondered if he could issue a challenge when his unit was charged.  Informed yes the a character in the assaulted unit can issue a challenge if a character in the assaulting unit did not

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