Friday, January 18, 2013

Grey Knights Purifiers part 18, one third of the host

Just like the angelic host.  One third fell.  Tenth model to pull free from its feeble moorings.

Half are finished "grey."

Was finished with this guy. Pulling the base off the poster tac when he decided to come off his base as well.  Now 10 out of 30 have come off their bases.  Damn should've pinned them.

Pinning now.  He won't come free ever again.

Pin vice best modelling tool I own.

16 of 30 "greyed."  Figure it will take about 10h40m to do the last 14.  Plan is to wake up Sat grab a beer and paint til  they 're all  done.  Will take me the entire day but damn it, I'm so done with these guys.  Even I'm sick and tired of putting these picks up.

slainte mhath

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