Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grey Knights Purifiers part 10

My "great painting holiday weekend" turned out much differently than expected.  Still glad I was able to get sometime on my Purifiers.  Should finish applying Brassy Brass tonight and move onto purity seals.

Daemon Hammer magnetized heads.  Power cord Army Painter Mat Black.  Power supply Chainmail.  Metal bits and heads Vallejo Brassy Brass

Doing these a little backwards than how I usually do models.  Normally I paint the body first then move to details.  Reason for doing so with these is because I was originally going to paint them grey.  Then reading the Purifier fluff and vacillated between grey and white.  Decided white.  Have an idea that I think will turn out great with these guys.  Also a "How to" regarding painting white and taking advantages to make painting white less stressful.

Two of five squads done.

Three of five squads done.

Most of squad 4 done.

Not sure why, some colours are faster to paint than others.  Brassy Brass is going far quicker than Chainmail yet there is a lot more surface area to paint.

slainte mhath

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