Saturday, January 19, 2013


I've received payment from my second client.  There are very few things that could have made me as happy as I am now.

In many ways I'm feeling the world is before me and ready to give its plentiful bounty.

I've told many people about my hopes and desires of becoming a commission artist.

One staple I've mentioned time again and again is that I won't consider myself a successful commission artist until I've had two clients.

My first client, Shawn, is someone I will hold close, and very dear, to my heart.  He believed in me enough to push me to do some painting for him.  He also unexpectedly pushed me unto the stage and wanted me to do what I love doing.  It was he that made me believe in myself enough to pull the trigger on the Ebay Deathwing Land Raider.  While I have no issue in painting all of Shawn's models.  I have an issue with being a one hit wonder.  Guess I don't want to settle for just one time.  I Want It All.  I want to Live.  I want to Challenge myself.  Instead of everyone challenging me.

Which boils down to me not considering myself a successful commission artist until I've had two clients.  Success breeds success.  One becomes two, two becomes three, three becomes four....  Shawn has me on the books to paint probably around a hundred more models.  I don't want this dream to end there.  I want this dream to allow me to find me.

A 40k buddy wanted to get some Night Scythes for his Necrons army.  I told him I have two Doom Scythes I will probably never paint or probably use and would trade him for models.  He had two Drop Pods.  I figured that would be a great trade.  Because I want a Noir Engel Drop Pod army.  As he handed me the models this evening at Fantasy Flight I talked about getting the Doom Scythes to him this evening.  He said he had a different idea.  He wants me to paint up several Necrons HQs for him.  He figured it would be about 14 hrs for the Drop Pods.  I instantly agreed.

I have my second client.  Now to pull the trigger on my company.

I now have 6 Drop Pods for my Noir Engel Drop Pod army.  Need 6 more.

Thank you for following me on this journey.  Thank you, Shawn.

slainte mhath


  1. Congratulations!!! I always knew you had it in you. I am glad that others have been able to help you start to see it in yourself.


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