Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grey Knights Purifiers part 9 (new colour quite excited!)

Happy New Years, 40k'ers.  Looking forward to oogling my Yaya Han calendar this next year.  This is my second year without a H.R. Giger calendar.  Quite upset.  It's worth paying full cost for the calendar and definitely having it before Christmas instead of risk paying half-cost after Christmas and not getting it.  Done with that lame gamble.

5 of 6 squads Chainmail.

6 of 6 squads Chainmail.

Finally all squads done with Chainmail.

Find it so weird that some colours go faster than others.  Example.  There were only two bits to paint with Chainmail.  Have about 5 on each model to do with Brassy Brass.  Some reason Vallejo Brassy Brass is going much faster than Chainmail.

Didn't notice the skull on the chest or would've hit it with Brassy Brass.  Also didn't consider the edge of the right shoulder.

Little ornaments also Brassy Brass.

1 of 6 Brassy Brass done.

slainte mhath

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