Sunday, January 13, 2013

Need some feedback. Re: Purifiers

Perhaps I drank the cool-aid.  Started painting my Purifiers white but it wasn't sitting with me.  Painting them white won't be hard at all.  Actually turning out much easier than I thought.  Also quicker than I thought.

It's slowly growing on me but can't shrug off that feeling that white Purifiers aren't "right."  Even though the fluff in the codex states clearly they have alabaster armour.  One thought I had was comments about an entire army of apothecaries moving across the field.

The white is turning out easy because not all surfaces have to be the same shade of white.  As some areas are in shadow and aren't facing upwards.  Would use the grey base coat to use the white to look darker.  While paying attention to the parts that would have light cast on them.  Since I'm using a wet pallet the white thinned by the water is extremely helpful in making sure I'm getting the effect of lighter white in some areas compared to others.

Beginning to understand why GW painted their Grey Knights silver.  Because if they painted them grey with appropriate highlights they might end up looking like Space Wolves.

This is where I need some feedback.  Thought about painting entire model white then decided against it.  Since enough of it is already white figured you can imagine what the rest of it will look like.  Should I stick with alabaster armour Grey Knight Purifiers or paint them grey?

slainte mhath

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