Thursday, January 17, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Smart Missle System, Multiple Combats and Thrust Move

Couple more things picked up during the Tau game.

Tau FAQ pg 2

Page 27 – Armoury, smart missile system. Change the explanatory text for this entry to read: “The smart missile system can be fired at any target in range regardless of whether there is a line of sight to it or not. The target can count the benefits of cover they are in, or are touching if it lies between them and the firer.”

Context:  This is a weird one.  You only get a cover save against Smart Missile System when unit, not model, is in or touching difficult terrain.  Eldrad and friends were out in the open and could not take advantage of 2+ cover save.

Multiple Combats; Primary and Secondary Targets 40k6 pg 27

The primary target is the charging unit's main target.  If the charging unit shot in the Shooting phase, it can only declare a charge if its primary target is the unit it targeted.

Secondary targets are other targets of opportunity that you think the charging unit can engage at the same time as the primary assault.  Remember that a unit cannot declare a charge against a unit it cannot reach or cannot see, and all targets being charged by the unit must declare at the same time.

Disorganized Charge; Move Initial Charger 40k6 pg 28

If the initial charger successfully moves into base contact with primary target, remaining models can charge models beloniging to either the primary or secondary target units, as long as they follow the rules for moving charging models.  That said, a charging model is not permitted to move into base contact with a model in a secondary target, unless it cannot move into base contact iwth an unengaged model in the primary target.  Remember that the charging unit is not allowed to break its unit coherency, and this will obviously limit the potential for this kind of charge.

Context: Wanted Eldrad and Friends to assault three Tau units.  Crisis Battle Suits, Devil Fish and Fire Warriors.  Bryan asked if that's possible.  Specifically asking which one is primary target.  Didn't even remember primary and secondary targets.  Primary were Suits, secondary were Devil Fish and Fire Warriors.

Thrust Move 40k6 pg 47

A Jet Pack unit that is not locked in combat or charging can move up to 2D6" in Assault phase, even if they have shot or Run in the preceeding Shooting phase or arrived by Deep Strike that Turn.

Context: Bryan moved Crisis Suits after shooting in assault.  Moved them 6" then I remembered they actually move 2D6" in 6th not 6" like in 4th ed codex.

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