Friday, January 18, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Correction: Disembarking from Locked Velocity Zooming Flyers

ieuan, had a great question on a recent Rules of the Game post.

"In a recent game we had an issue with troops disembarking from a Storm Raven at locked velocity, not sure if they can or can't."

After a lengthy search I posted an answer.  Incorrect answer by the way.  Thanks to Suijin for catching this.

I really dropped the ball on this one by not reading the entire Flyer section.

Thanks to ieaun for asking this question.  Thanks to Suijin for making me question the answer and reading the entire section.

Flyers; Zoom 40k6 pg 80

Finally, models cannot embark upon, or disembark from, a Zooming Flyer.

Rulebook FAQ pg 7

Q: Can units embarked on a Flyer (Transport) make use of any special disembarkation rules for their passengers (such as Skies of Blood or Grav Chute Insertion) if he vehicle has suffered a Crew Shaken/Stunned or Locked Velocity? (p81)
A: Yes.

Context: Stormraven suffered an Immobilised damage result and is in locked velocity for the rest of the game the unit onboard want to disembark.  Yes unit can disembark from Storm Raven but must follow Shadow Skies

slainte mhath


  1. Thank you for going over this once again, the guys found it very useful.

    I'm hoping to get a fair few more games in now so there may be more rules questions popping up!

    1. You're welcome, ieuan. Feel foolish not catching it the first time. Thank goodness Suijin had it covered.


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