Saturday, January 19, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Sweeping Advance, Jet Pack Units and Warlock

Repetition and Redundancy: keys to learning.  Covered a couple of things and learned something new.

Sweeping Advance 40k6 pg 26

In a unit with mixed Initiative characteristics, use the highest - we can assume the quicker-witted individuals in the unit guide the others.

Context: Eldrad and friends won combat against Crisis Battle Suits.  I thought you used highest initiative.  Opponent thought average.

Jet Pack Units (correction thanks to Anon 6:43pm [that's what I get for not triple proof-reading this])

No Fall Back Move entry.

Context: While discussing which initiative to use for Sweeping Advance.  Bryan decided to just roll to see how far Crisis Suits would fall back.  I thought Jet Pack Units fall back like Jump Units 3D6"  Nope.  No such entry.  They fall back 2D6"

Warlock 40k6 min-rulebook pg 136

Type In (ch)

Context: When Eldrad and friends were getting pummeled with Tau shots thought about having a Warlock take a Look Out, Sir! for another Warlock.  Example: Warlock with Destructor taking the hit for the Warlock with Conceal.  Bryan thought they were FAQ'd to be Infantry and not Infantry Characters.  Because Paladins were changed from In (ch) to In.  No mention on page 2 of Rulebook FAQ indicating so.

slainte mhath


  1. Tau battlesuits count as jetpack units, not jump infantry

    1. Thanks, anon 6:43pm. Corrected. Really need to triple proof-read these.


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