Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grey Knights Purifiers part 20, one more part and these boys are done!

Damn it feels great to be effectively done with these guys.  I say effectively because I only have the halberds left to do but want to practice more before taking that step.

Last bit of accenting.  Liche Purple on all swords/crosses.  Several weeks when painting these I sent pics to Bryan to get his opinion.  He asked "No purple?  All your models have purple on them."  Wasn't my plan but hey who am I to break tradition.

Close up of Liche Purple on shoulders and various parts of armour.


Decided to drybrush Leadbelcher, Boltgun Metal, on the edges of the bases to maintain that Zone Mortalis/Space Hulk deck feel.

Unit Alpha Kappa marked.  I Really embraced my OCD with this.  How I decided to mark them was the primary unit they are apart of then first letter of the Angels name on their right shoulder armour.

Alpha alph

Beta Epsilon

Beta Pi

Gamma Mu

Gamma Tau

Done!  Just to do halberds.  Should be able to focus on that in a couple of weeks.

Purifiers with Daemon Hammers.  Love that magnetization.

One more session and I will be done with these guys.  Need to practice with my airbrush more before that step.

slainte mhath

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