Thursday, January 24, 2013

13.1.22 1850 Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines

Two weeks in a row of playing 40k with Bryan.  Stars must have aligned.

Met Bryan at Fantasy Flight for a game.  Really like how we've grown comfortable with each others play style.

Wore my "I'm not cheating.  I play by my own rules" t-shirt sold by Offworld Designs from CONvergence.

Mission: Crusade.  Deployment: Dawn of War.

Plague Marines won roll off.  Decided to deploy and go first.

Deployment was a little long for me because of the way we set up the board.  Not every general gets the ideal deployment zone.  Attempted to seize initiative nope.  Night Fight first turn.

Armies Deployed

Top of first [unpictured].  Plague Marine's move up.  Because of Night Fighting the turn is fast.

Bottom of first.  Cast the Psychic powers and that is it.  Deployed cautiously to avoid losing units to Havoc fire.  Don't move much.

Top of second.  I knew Guardians and Bright Lance Artillery directly across from Defiler was bad placement.  They would receive a lot of attention and going to ground in area terrain cover saves wouldn't keep the on the field.  Such a simple mistake.  Defiler and Havoc squad on right side of table shoot at Guardians.  They fail Morale and run off table.  First Blood Plague Marines 1 VP.  Plague Marines are moving in closer.  Bryan mentioned due to nothing happening these turns are going by fast.

Bottom of second.  Eldar do some shooting and Plague Zombies take advantage of Special Rule Shroud.  That's when I asked if he stole that from the Eldar army using cover saves.  Bryan answered "Hell's yes!" and chuckled.  I decide to take it easy.  I can poke my head out and give him a free turn of shooting before assaulting but that doesn't appeal to me.  I'll let the Chaos Space Marines get closer before assaulting them.  Falcon and Viper shoots at near Havoc squad, they go to ground for a better cover save.

Top of third.  Plague Zombie mob moves onto objective.  Daemon Prince breaks off and attemps to assault War Walkers.  No Overwatch shots hits.  Prince doesn't roll high enough to make assault.  One Viper is taken out from Plague Marine squad.

Bottom of third.  Soon it will be time to spring into action.  One more round while Plague Marines get closer.  Really should've been more aggressive like in previous battles.  Set up a barrage for the Daemon Prince behind far wall.  Falcon, 3 War Walkers, 4 Wraithguard.  Abyssmal shooting.  One wound from War Walker.  3 wounds from Wraithguard all saved except one.  That's going to hurt.

Top of fourth.  Plague Marines are now within threat range.  Defiler has view of rear of the Harlequins.  Several are removed.  Daemon Prince assaults Wraithguard.  Three are removed.  Other Viper is removed.  Just hit me now.  Completely forgot about Jink.  Didn't take one 5+ Jink save all night. DOH!

Bottom of fourth.  Time for the invisi-council to attack.  Fortune doesn't work.  No re-rolling failed saves.  This is where I drop the ball big time.  Must have had something else on my mind.  First I forgot that enemies attacking models with Invisibility have WS 1.  I finally remember that in top of fifth.  Also didn't bother moving the seer council to their target.  Completely forgot about Destructor, just figured that one out now.  Need to start making crib notes.  Also forgot to have Havocs make Morale checks for the shooting that took more than 25%.  Plague Marines take out the remaining Harlequins.  Bolters and Plasma Guns rapid fire are disgusting with Overwatch.  Plague Marine squad Eldrad and friends assault is removed.

Top of fifth.  Daemon Prince assaults War Walker squad.  One War Walker remains.  Two Havocs take out Falcon.  Plague Marine squad assaults Eldrad and friends.

Bottom of fifth.  Fire Prism takes out one Havoc.  That squad should've made 3 Morale rolls.  Hopefully I'll remember next time.  Eldrad and friends are holding their own against the new squad of Plague Marines.

Roll of the die for turn 6.  1 comes up.

Plague Zombies on Objective Chaos Space Marines 3 VP total 4 VP.

Dire Avengers on objective 3 VP.

Linebreaker Chaos Space Marines 1 VP total 5 VP

Was too conservative with my Eldar in this game.  Something I should've done was looked carefully at his deployment and deploy everything on one side of the board so I would have my entire army only fighting half.  Heavily considering losing the Harlequins.  Not sure what I would put in.

Bryan did a great job with his army.  It moved and worked together.  Found it very effective.  He did a great job utilizing his army was one whole unit.

Finally a win for Bryan's Plague Marine army!

Lose 3-5 Chaos Space Marines

slainte mhath


  1. That table is so not 40k.

    1. Yeah. I agree. Guilty of only one table free and choosing terrain to match it.


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