Tuesday, January 22, 2013

#Ingress I'm in! [Update] I have an activation code for one of you.

Terribly excited!  I've been working at getting an Ingress beta invite for about a month now.

Looks like I was in as of Thurs not Sat.  Could've been playing this game far sooner.

Yes you read that correctly.  I have an activation code for someone who wants to be apart of Ingress.

Now to discover the world how it really is.

About a month ago I saw someones status update on crapbook that they wanted to play Ingress.  Immediately I was intrigued.  What is this?  Why haven't I heard about this before?  Opened a tab and started googling Ingress.  I was surprised by what I found.

Basically Ingress is a GPS game played on your Android phone.  There are two sides Enlightened and The Resistance.  You use your phone to find portals, pieces of art, nearby and go to them.  Those familiar with Foursquare app or the insidious Untappd app.  You check-in at pieces of art locations.  As you tag these objectives/pieces of art you gain points which then lead to levels.  The more levels you gain the more involved you become in the game.  Achieving levels can provide you with invites to Ingress which you give to others.  Ingress is extremely similar to Geocaching.

How did I get an invite?  After researching this in Dec I learned there are four people at Niantic that you can follow.  Read what they are posting.  Garner their attention and get an invite.  Another way is to create art and post it on the #Ingress page.  Another way is that someone who is already playing has earned invites and wants you to join their side.  Another way is they just send out massive invites to people looking for invites.  If your art gets you in one of the four usually tag you, indicating that your art caught their eye and your invite is on the way.

What I submitted to #Ingress artwork both last month and a couple of days ago

Should I earn some invites I will make a post indicating so and will get them out to you 40'kers.

I'm off to find my first portal and pick up some Angry Orchard Traditional Dry to celebrate the rest of the day while painting Purifiers.

[Update] I didn't receive the request from a crapbook buddy.  Received it from the art I placed!  Damn I'm feeling awesome!

[Update 13.1.21] If you would like me to choose you to give an Ingress code please submit a work of art involving Ingress in a comment with email address to send the code.  No requirement to choose sides like other Ingress agents have done.  It will be your choice to join Resistance of Enlightened.

To get an idea what what the Ingress symbols are please visit #Ingress Artwork

Will choose art that most inspired me by Thurs noon CST.

Best Luck


  1. Hello.
    I made today a Ingress Logo from Paper. I hope you like it.
    I would be happy to have a code for Ingress. Thank you

    1. BanOnRan, great paper construction. I can see it being open and closed in different patterns revealing the symbols with a message "Resistance or Enlightened. You choose."

      Great news you're the only entry so far should it remain that way for the next 18hrs the code is yours.

  2. BanOnRan, your activation code is on its way. Again, great job on the paper construction.

  3. Do you have any more invites by chance? I know its a long shot, thanks in advance

    1. Nice call. I do not. Should I get an invite I will make another post.

      If you're of the artist variety you should be able to score an invite of your own within a day. Make sure you put #ingress #ingressinvite along with your work of art on your post on Ingress artwork page.


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