Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to Paint Free Hand

Painting free hand is difficult for some.  I want to tell you because you are a modeller and/or painter you can free hand.  Little truth about me.  My hands shake.  I could go into those reasons but it would only become maudlin.  I have faith in you.  I know you can free hand paint.

There's only one side

Since I was young people have looked at my drawings and asked "Is this free hand?"  I always answered yes without knowing the question.  Many of your know what free hand is.  For those who don't.  Free hand means painting, drawing without a stencil.  You have your medium, what you are painting or drawing on, your utensil, brush, pen, pencil, and you.  If you don't think you have enough skill to free hand I want to tell you.  Yes you do.  Grab anything right now.  Piece of paper, menu from chinese food or pizza box.  Also grab a pen or pencil and follow with me as I allow you see the light.  This will be quick.  Won't take but 5 mins.  Draw exactly what you see.

My medium 40mm cut circles from paper card.

Five points.  Little dots indicating your borders.

Draw connecting lines between the five points then dot out the interiour of your design.

This is where it gets a bit easier.  You draw the outline of where you will be blocking in the design.

Remember always work from inside out.  This gives you an idea where you can push the outside.

First of three done.

The more you free hand the more you become comfortable with your ability.  You'll notice the lack of dots on the second.

Again build from the inside after establishing your boundaries.

Two of three complete.

If you don't challenge yourself you won't grow.  Physical trainers, artists, workers around the world know this.  Dispell the darkness.  Come into the light.  Understand and feel comfort in your abilities.  Third is where I pushed myself by starting at the top instead of the bottom.

Continuing to challenge my free handing skill.  I build the teeth of the key without markers.  Do them by feel.  Muscle memory is an amazing thing.  You probably notice how the third doesn't look nearly as clean as the first two.  I would agree.  Since I'll be blocking in the thin lines there is a lot of room for mistakes.

Key to enlightenment is coming together.

Third of three complete.

There's only one side. Are you enlightened? Do you see things with light or do you obscure it with shadows and darkness? Do you wish to live in fear of the dark? Do you want to go through your motions without knowing your intent? Do you look in the mirror unsure what you are seeing? We can assist you with seeing the light. Not obfuscating the obvious. Knowing the darkness possesses nothing that can harm you. Understanding the peace within you so you can act with complete confidence. Be pleased with what you see in the reflection. We can help you. Take my hand and we will walk into the light together.

slainte mhath


  1. Heh, I'd have made a stencil, but my drawing is utter shit. Comparitively if you want regular shapes drawn I'm your man.

  2. Excellent article man! My biggest tip I'll tell people that are trying freehand is to have a picture of what you want to paint, and to picture everything as basic shapes and designs. No sense in making a difficult task even more difficult!

    Smells Like Wargaming

    1. Thank you, Granesh. Completely agree. Use an existing design helps tons.

  3. Great article. Wish I would have had it a few nights ago.

    1. Thanks, Sean. Hopefully it's helpful soon.


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