Sunday, July 22, 2012

12.7.22 Eldar Vipers

Finished the second Wave Serpent today.  Figured since I still had almost 40mins on the clock I would start the Vipers.

These are going to painted in the same vein as the skimmers.  Good news there will be less grey.  Bad news Shawn might not like there is less grey.  We will find out.  As I've always done I will send him pics.  Then when he decides there is too much blue he can stop me.

Again tech pen to the rescue.

Few notes on tech pen.  As mentioned before the ink doesn't like paint.  It may never dry.  Seriously.  It takes a surprising amount of time for a tech pen to dry on paint.  I've had models that I didn't touch in a month and the ink still smeared.  Use the pen judiciously.  It is Not a quick fix for writing names on vehicles or models unless you're willing to matte them.  I'm not a fan of matte.  Probably because I haven't learned how to use the flat matte.  My models always end up shiny when they aren't supposed to be.  Perhaps I'll challenge myself some day and figure it out.  I don't beat up my models so there is little threat of the paint chipping or wearing away.  I have models more than 15 years olde not varnished and still have paint on them.  These are models I use someone frequently.

I will be working on three at the same time.  Since they are a vehicle squadron I want to make sure the colours are as close together as possible.  Panels will be painted slightly differently than skimmers.  The operated bright lances come off.  This will make painting easier.

slainte mhath


  1. What I've seen done to great effect is to make it so when they are flying in the squadron, they make an additional pattern line up. Unfortunately I can't find any pictures of them now.

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about, Spyrle. Thanks for the reminder. This is something I can kick around.


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