Tuesday, July 31, 2012

12.7.31 Eldar War Walkers Completed

Completed War Walkers tonight.  14.5hrs

Last nights work

Down to detail time with a midnight deadline I set for myself.  I achieved that deadline.  Now onto Eldar Dreadnoughts.  Eldar "Wraith Lords."  Still stuck on that Rogue Trader and Second ed lingo.

Eyes covered Sunburst Yellow.

Better see the eyes.

Close up of eyes.

Guardian Armour Surf Aqua.

Close up of armour.

Close up of harness Hawk Turquoise with thinned Boltgun Metal for connection points.


Wasn't sure what to do with the little square in the middle of the chassis for the Scatter Laser.  Then it hit me, Regal Blue!

Regal Blue.

Equipment controls from top to bottom.  Goblin Green, Sunburst Yellow and Brassy Brass.

Caledor Sky bulbs.


Critique away.

slainte mhath


  1. They look good, though I still have trouble accepting the color scheme. In my mind Bright Lances are white...etc. But truly I think that this will be a great looking and cohesive army. Not that my approval of the color scheme means anything, what matters is that the owner is happy. The repairs make them look much better also.

  2. Thanks, Spyrle.

    Agreed about the colour scheme. Though its growing on me. Probably because I've been painting it for over 40hrs now. Funny Bright Lances are chrome in my 40k galaxy.

    Shawn loves the grey. Can't say I blame him. Its flat and smooth. A great primer. Considering doing that grey as my primer for my Grey Knights instead of white.

    When I am done painting it. Will take it out to Fantasy Flight and set them up on a board and take pictures of all them together. Pretty sure it will look great put together, as you said a cohesive army.


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