Friday, July 27, 2012

12.7.26 Eldar Vipers

Last where we left off.

Quite proud of myself.  After spending some time with two friends went right to painting as soon as I got home.  Put 2hrs in.  Feels great.

Shawn contacted me today asking me what other model I wanted besides Storm Raven.  That was going to be the first model for my Grey Knights army.  Have since changed my mind.  Told him first three models for my Grey Knights are Dreadnoughts.  He asked Venerable or Regular.  Regular.  Don't need all those extra bits since I'm only using the legs of the model.  Should be making a large purchase from Forge World in the next two weeks.

Finally all the correct pieces get Chaos Black.  Well not all.  I missed the operation keys on the right Viper.  Saw that later and fixed it.  Bugs me when that happens.

Skull White base for eyes to avoid having to do multiple passes of Sunburst Yellow.

Hawk Turquoise for the pilot and gunners coats.

Close up of right Viper pilot.

Chainmail for pilot's jacket zipper.

Chainmail for Bright Lances.  Should almost be down hill from where.  Little bits of detail here and there then Caledor Sky for the bulbs.  Definitely done with these on Sat.  Then starting Eldar Jetbikes.

slainte mhath

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