Thursday, July 26, 2012

12.7.25 Eldar Vipers K.I.S.S.

Didn't get as much painting as I wanted done tonight.  Had a plan.  Didn't even try the plan.  Will next time I have the chance.  Put 3hrs in tonight.

At my watering hole Williams grabbed a quick liter before heading home.  Two great friends and I, sometimes others, head there every Monday night.  It became a ritual years ago.  Not sure what is beyond ritual, rote?  We rescheduled to tonight.  Since Williams treats us so well I always stop by to show my support.  Patronage has its privileges.  Instead of one of the tables grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a brew and some fud.  While reading the 6th ed corebook inspiration struck me.  Exactly as Spyrle and I have talked about.

Borrowed a pen and used one of their fliers to draw up plans for a rising sun in hues of blue.  Figured I would have 5 shades of blue across the canopies of the Viper squadron.  From right to left.  Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue, Lightning Blue, Surf Aqua and Ice Blue.  No blending.  Shawn doesn't want anything fancy.  Figured I would paint one panel a shade of blue, not grey like the poorly written book (I haven't read it but unfortunately most literature of that genre tends to be poorly written), then lighten the shades of blue as it goes left.  Thought it would look great.  Before I went ahead with it consulted Shawn.  Since after all these are his models and he is buying me a Grey Knight army.

His reply: Would like to keep it more simple, especially on the jetbikes and vypers.

Which I replied: Great!  That is exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks!  Glad I ran it by you.  Thought about painting them as a rising sun then you not liking it and would have to re-base them grey.  Will keep it simple for Vipers and Jetbikes.  Vipers won't be as involved as Fire Prism and Wave Serpents yet look sharp!

He responded:  I like clean sharp lines for Eldar.

I agreed: I agree.  Run my Eldar the same way.

Had to force myself not to get caught up in detail.  Kept telling myself K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid.

Kept telling myself KISS.  Don't get involved.  "Two main colours, you, can do it."

Surf Aqua.  This and tips of wings are the most involved I'm going to get with these models.  Great news is they should be completed quickly.  Say maybe 5hrs total.  I'm over halfway there right now.  Will definitely finish these on Sat.  There's a design I'm going with the Surf Aqua that will enable the tips of the wings in future use.  At least I'm hoping.  /crosses fingers.

Hawk Turquoise complimenting the Surf Aqua.  This was the first paint Shawn handed me when were talking about what he wanted.  Then he remembered Surf Aqua.  Which again is a great colour.  I highly suggest you pick it up.  Since these are the two colours Shawn handed me I figured I'd KISS with just these two.

Far wing tips of left and right Viper are painted Ice Blue.  This is the other way I'm going to be involved with painted Vipers.

Left and centre Viper wing tips are painted Regal Blue.  No doubt some of you know what I'm doing here.

Centre and right Viper wing tips are painted Enchanted Blue.  Should have an idea of what I'm doing here.  This isn't terribly involved so I figured I can cheat a little.

Because I Love Dark Angels Green, not because of the colour but because of the Army, decided to follow the vein of his skimmers.  Left of cockpit the little panel is painted Dark Angels Green.  You'll probably notice the other side panels aren't painted.  They remain the grey Shawn prefers.  It is a solid grey.  Perhaps I'll base my Grey Knights with it.  Hate the grey /cough silver /cough Grey Knights are painted.  Have a paint scheme ready for them for months now.

Under carriage or boning if you're familiar with corsets.  Boning painted Brassy Brass.  Damn, I miss Brazen Brass.  Wish Citadel still made it.

Ring, ring, ring.  It's 1am time to stop painting.  Finished with Chaos Black on necessary parts.  For some reason need to get some sleep and wake up for that 8am rent paying gig.

Painting tip of the day: Copy.  This is what I did oh so long ago.  Will have to find some picks of models I've copied out of GW books then painted the model as close as possible to it.  Good example would be a haemonculi or Urien Rakarth from the 3rd ed Dark Eldar codex.  Once you're comfortable with your ability to copy what you see.  Then start expanding using your brain box.  As some of you know.  You'll be surprised how many people are amazed by just putting paint to model.  Self-esteem is cold fusion.  The energy put into it is easily out-shined by the energy received from it.

slainte mhath


  1. Looking good, those will be quite nice a zooming in a squadron.


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