Thursday, July 12, 2012

12.7.11 Eldar Fire Prism

Back from CON and finally able to put in some time in Shawn's Eldar.  Where we left off.

Received my Yaya Han 2013 calendar Mon at work.  Boy was I happy!  She said it would ship middle of July.  Figured it would be sent out after the 15th.

She said to put your name in the comment field on PayPal and she would sign your calendar.  Completely forgot to do that.  Thought about purchasing another so she would sign it.  Then I can give the other away as a gift.  Turns out she was way ahead of me.  Signed it anyway!

Great message from her with my finally starting Silver Gargoyle Productions.  She does cosplay costumes for a living.  Which no doubt was a dream of hers at one time.

Onto the Fire Prism.

Started working on the cockpits tonight.  Should have them finished tomorrow.  First colour Shawn gave me was Turquoise Hawk.  Apparently he's a fan of the soft blues.  Which I agree, they are great colours.  Then he handed me the Aqua Surf.  Figured since his Craftworld core colour is Aqua Surf and that would be on the vehicles I would use Turquoise for the Craftworld foot soldiers.  Remembered to paint the visor white before applying yellow.

Visor Sunburst Yellow over Skull White.  Tallarn Flesh for skin.

Pilots mask is Chaos Black.  Turns out my black was turning into sludge.  Another chance to revive paint.  Really happy that my black lost some of its water.  It means to me I'm growing as a painter.  Getting away from black and using other colours to complete a model.  Since GW paint pot was less than 50% full I put 5 drops of water from the bathroom faucet and shook it up.  Turned out great.  All my Eldar have white hair so Skull White is for Shawn's Eldar!

Fire Prism had this wobbly part.  Kept looking at it and wondering if I should just rip it off and fix it.  Also figured perhaps the wobbly part is to far into the chassis that if I did that it would cause more harm than good.  Well turns out the part had an idea of its own.  It broke off.  Once again I use my best tool.  Grabbed hand drill and went to work.  Cleaned it up before pinning with xacto knife.

Voila!  Thank you, pinning.

Almost complete with turret.  Just a couple of things left and this will be done.  Put Chainmail on the fire prisms charging harness and three prongs focusing on crystal.

Added some Brassy Brass to parts of the sensor array like my Eldar Skimmers.

Perhaps I'll finish this in the next sitting.  If not it will be done Sat.

slainte mhath

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