Friday, July 20, 2012

12.7.19 Wave Serpent 1 of 2 Completed

First of two, potentially three, Wave Serpents.  It politely lets us know where we left off.

I think its a trap.  It will claw my hand if I try rubbing its belly

Gave the underside a single coat, admittedly light coat, of Vallejo Brassy Brass.

Interior of cockpit from top to bottom.  Target lock Bood Red.  Display Scorpion Green.  Thin line Ice Blue.  Right arrow Sunburst Yellow.  Left arrow Goblin Green.  Bulb Beaten Copper.

Time to stipple.  Really looking forward to doing this when I get my Imperial Guard.  Blue edge lock tape down.  Was a bit tricky since turret can't move.

Second stage Dark Angels Green for base.

Goblin Green for layer.

Viola!  I now have some insights regarding stippling and blue tape.

The curve of the model is a pain.  Of course you probably already knew that.  Because it curves you will want to be diligent in applying the tape.  Use the detail of the model as a base line.  Example there's a line between two panels to the left of the cockpit.  When placing the tape down use that straight line between panels to know where to place the tape.  This should allow you to have a straight line when stippling.  The bulbs on the Eldar skimmer can also be used as landmarks to know where to place the tape.  This also helps you out to know if the tape is straight.  Does it equally bi-sect the bulb or do you see more or less of the bulb as the tape runs over it.  Should've taken pics for a visual reference.  Will do that with the next Wave Serpent.

Finishing touch.  Caledor Sky for the bulbs.  Think I've been misspelling that the entire time.  Think I spelled Caledon Sky.

Shawn wasn't sure about the Blood Red Starcannons.  He asked his boys and they said they liked it.  Think he's still on the fence.

Complete!  Took 6 hrs.  At our first match up last weekend I brought the finished Fire Prism so he can see it in person.  Shawn said he likes it.  His boys say its painted really good.  Asked Shawn for any feedback, since he is the customer, about the paint job.  He mentioned he loves the grey primer as a base and wants to keep that on his vehicles.  Also said he likes the Brass/Gold colour.  Doesn't want it washed down.  That is for Imperial vehicles.  Eldar are too clean for that, as he said.  He was wary of more panels being painted but was able to pull that off subtly.  Will be harder to hide the more vehicles I paint and on his Vypers.

Critique away!

slainte mhath

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