Sunday, July 1, 2012

Introducing Silver Gargoyle Productions

Thought my first commission job would be a Land Raider I would paint in Deathwing colours and ebay it.  As they say "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

A 40k buddy had a thought of me painting a couple of his models.  That is what he told me yesterday on the phone.  So I met him at Fantasy Flight to talk about the couple of models he wants me to paint.  Turns out he wants me to paint his Eldar.  Not a couple of models but about 3000 pts of Eldar.

This is a great undertaking for me.  Perhaps if I plug away at this decently I can turn into a second source of income or replace my current income.

Shawn and I spent some time talking about exactly what he wants.

Craftworld colours are Grey and Surf Aqua (Reaper Master Paint).  All the bulbs on his Eldar are going to Celadon Sky, new GW base paint.  Its the closest I found to Lightning Blue, which I love.

Majourity of models gets three colours.  Wants plenty of detail on Eldrad and the Avatar.  Specifically wants the Avatar look molten.  He wants his vehicles painted first.  He already did a little work on one of his Wraithlords so I have a great point of reference for his Eldar.  Doesn't want his Aspect warriors to look traditional.  Wants them different.  Idea I have for his Fire Dragons is base Burnished Gold then Gryphonne Sepia wash.  Earth tone gold.

Payment.  As I told him could do cash but that's a bit boring.  So he's going to buy me models.  As I figure it will be about 5$ an hour.  Great way to get two Necron Battleforce boxsets I've been eye balling.  Perhaps even start my Grey Knights that way.

Added bonus.  Perhaps this commission job will help me be to motivated enough to stop take naps in early evenings during the weekdays.  Also fend off those pesky multiple naps during the weekend.  TMI: I think those naps are symptoms of depression.  Not sure yet.

It's great that Shawn likes my painting enough to want me to paint his Eldar.

Buddy of mine David would be proud.

slainte mhath

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  1. Buddy of yours David is indeed proud! Sounds like an ambitious undertaking. Strategize. Make sure to enforce ways to keep it fun and not become a chore.


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