Tuesday, July 31, 2012

12.7.30 Eldar War Walkers

Feels great working on these models so much.  Quite the motivation I'll tell you.

Had a chance to talk with Shawn today.  We talked about his models, how much work has been done, cost, other models, priority of models and possibly getting togethe for a game this weekend.  Where we will do an exchange for a Wave Serpent and Falcon he wants me to put together for him.

Also spoke to him about the horrible condition of one of his War Walkers and asked if it would be ok if I fixed it.  He said that would be great.  As soon as I sat down at my murder station I gave the poor War Walker some love.

Look at that guy on the right.  His spirit is broken.  Tail hangs low.  Doesn't have the drive to pull his face from the ground.  Time for this girl to get a new lease on life and give it something to look forward to.

She leans way to forward compared to her sister on the left.

Can see how she even leans down.

First thing was to free the super glued leg.  Grabbed my hand saw and it was free quickly.

Using a modelling knife to get that little bit of the leg free.  Didn't want hand saw to start cutting stuff off the base.  Ouch!
Modelling blades are sharp!  Always cut away from yourself.

Little work later and voila!  Now she's standing upright and proud again.

Used a Space Marine Carapice to balance out her feet.  Not sure if I'm going to paint it or put some basing over it so people will never know its there.

Twisted the other War Walker so its even with the other two.  Now a pretty queue of girls ready to lay down some Eldar superiour plasma into the enemy line.

Close up of Space Marine Carapice.

Now onto painting!  Chaos black for engine intakes, flex parts of legs and other necessary parts.

Top view of engines.

Skull White to ready eyes for Sunburst Yellow

Chainmail for Scatter Lasers.  Work on the straightening the leaning War Warlker too longer than expected.  Done for tonight.  Hopefully finish these Tues night.

slainte mhath

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