Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CONvergence 2012! Happy 4th.

Happy 4th, 40k'ers.  I'll most likely be sleeping in or at Double Tree in Bloomington, MN while you're reading this.

I'm in here somewhere.  Much like Waldo.  Can you find me?
This will be my sixth year attending CONvergence.

Like many conventions.  CONvergence is about glorfying our geekdom.  I'm one of the people in charge of the dealers room this year.  There's been a lot of work on selecting the dealers to schlep their wares.  Was hoping to purchase a kilt from alt kilt but due to money won't be able to.  Bryan, 40k buddy, will be joining me at CON this year.  Not sure if we will try to get a battle or two in.  Haven't talked about it yet.

Will probably hit a couple of roleplaying panels.  Perhaps there will be panels that will truly interest me.  Have a hotel room from the 4th til the 8th.  Other than doing my dealer room business I don't plan for my fist to be sober til I leave the hotel.

The cabana rooms, the rooms surrounding the pool area in above pic, are party rooms Thurs-Sat night.  To me this is the life of CON.  People watching is one of my favourite things.

Most cosplayers won't see this.  Thank you for the great cosplayers and your damn great outfits.  Keep doing what you do.  I appreciate your efforts!

Molotov Cocktease 2011

Doctor Girlfriend 2011 (holy hot!)

slainte mhath

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