Sunday, July 29, 2012

12.7.28 Eldar Vipers completed

A very productive day.  Quite pleased with myself.  Last where we left off.  Took 8.5hrs.

Close up of gunner

Tallarn Flesh for skin.

Skull White for hair.

Sunburst Yellow for eyes

Surf Aqua for Guardian Armour
Warning.  I'm making up the terminals in the cockpit.  They have never been identified.

Close up of cockpit

Flight Reduction Sunburst Yellow

Flight Enhancement Goblin Green

SDI (Structure Damage Indicator ) Ice Blue

Display Scorpion Green

Target Lock Blood Red
More made up terminal functions.  These are not GW.  Just an idea that came to me when while painting.

Gunner Seat Disabled Sunburst Yellow

Gunner Seat Enabled Goblin Green

Gunner Seat Lock Knarloc Green

Gunner Seat and Weapon Engage Beaten Copper

Bulb Caledor Sky

Close up of gunner leg

Gunner leg plating Surf Aqua

Close up of gunner heads up

Gunner heads up Turret Engage Goblin Green

Energise Turret weapon Scab Red

Target Cycler Enhanced Blue

Turret Display Scorpion Green

Home stretch folks!  Pre-bulbs

Post bulbs.  Bulbs painted Caledor Sky.

Critique away.

slainte mhath

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