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Rules of the Game 12.7.14 6th ed

Last time I made one of these posts was about two months ago.  Damn, I'm slacken.

Canoptek Wraiths fighting Plague Bearers.  Some of the wraiths are disguised as destroyers.

Reading the new rulebook and after playing my first game couple of new rules have reared their heads.

*Necron Codex 5th ed pg 81

Gauss Flux Arc R 24 S 4 Ap 5 Type Heavy 3.  Believe these are Arc of Sight 2 Hull-mounted.

Context:  Monolith wanted to shoot at Plague Bearers.  Shawn wanted to know if they could see the daemons.  We looked through Codex and FAQ.  Pretty sure this is Arc of Sight 2 Hull-mounted on pg 72 of 40k 6th ed.

*40k 6th ed pg 35

Fear.  At start of each Fight sub-phase models in base contact with a model that has Fear must make a Leadership test before any blows are struck.  If they fail the unit's Weapon Skill is reduced to 1.  If the model in base contact has ATSKNF, and they shall know no fear, or are Fearless they automatically pass Fear tests.

Context:  Shawn mentioned at end of my first assault that we forgot something.  Fear.  I nodded my head.  Next turn he mentioned it in Fight sub-phase I mentioned that ATSKNF and Fearless don't have to roll.  He was dismayed.  Told him I think only Grey Knights and Fearless shouldn't have to roll but normal Marines should.

*40k 6th ed pg 35

Fleet.  Not a new rule but definitely changed.  This doesn't allow a unit to Move, Run and Charge anymore.  Now it allows you to re-roll one or more dice when run or charge..

Context:  We were talking about the changes from 5th to 6th and how the charge range has been reduced on average by 3".  Shawn provided a great example.  A unit charges and rolls a 1 and 6.  You can choose to re-roll the 1 while keeping the 6.  Instead of re-rolling both D6 if you don't have Fleet.  I mentioned in 5th it was move 12"  run 1-6" and charge 6".  Average 22"  Now its move 12" and charge 2D6".  Average 19"

*40k 6th ed pg 49

Flying Monstrous Creatures.  Deployment.  If a Flying Monstrous Creature is kept as Reserves then as soon as it enters play, you must declare whether it is in Swoop or Glide mode.

Context:  First 6th ed game we ran it as The Daemon Prince had to start as Gliding when it came out of reserves.  This is incorrect.  Because it arrived from reserves Shawn had the choice of the Daemon Prince Gliding or Swooping.

*40k 6th ed pg 118

Table Halves.  The winner of the roll-off selects one of the table halves to be his...

*40k 6th ed pg 120
Terrain set-up.  Alternating Terrain.  3. Once each area's terrain denisty limit is known, take it in turns, starting with the player who chose table halves, to deploy a piece of terrain.

*40k 6th ed pg 121
Deployment roll off.  Roll-off to see which player chooses whether to deploy first or second.

*40k 6th ed pg 122

First Turn.  ...the player who deployed first starts the first turn...

Context:  Took me a couple of minutes during the first game to figure out how this is done.  Basically there are two roll-offs.  First roll-off for table halves.  Whoever wins roll for table halves also sets up first terrain in alternating terrain.  Then there is another roll-off for deployment.  Whoever wins roll for deployment also goes first.  Unless seize initiative occurs.  Reason for mentioning this is because there was confusion in my first game.  It was believed whoever won the table halves, also went first for setting up terrain, deploying and going first.

*40k 6th ed pg 122

"Victory Conditions.  Likewise, if at the end of any game turn, one player has no models on the battlefield, his opponent automatically wins."  I like this one a lot.

Context: Told Shawn in our first game about this rule.  He wanted to see it.  I remember reading it once earlier in the book.  Asked Connor where it was and he pointed right to it.

No Retreat.  This nasty little bugger has been removed.  /happy dance

Context: Shawn was about to do Morale Test for his Fearless daemons that lost H2H to my Wraiths.  This would determine if he had to make saves or not.  Informed him this rule was taken out in 6th.  Now my Scarabs won't be reduced when losing combat with Daemon Princes.

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