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12.7.24 1850 Necrons vs Chaos Daemons

Good buddy Bryan finally has some free time.  Work has been scheduling him a lot.  He doesn't like it.  I wouldn't like it either if I had his gig.

Top of third H2H

Met Bryan at Fantasy Flight.  First time in a long time.  We had a game planned two Sundays ago but I already had something planned.  Bryan tells me that Dave at Fantasy Flight has news about the Chaos Daemons coming out.  He received the email today that in a week there will be "an announcement."  He hates those.

Wore my Mocker Utilikilt.

This is Bryan's first 6th ed game.  He already set up the board so no need to do alternate terrain.

Mission Relic.  Deployment Hammer and Anvil.  Bryan begrudged the deployment.  Skarbrand is Bryan's warlord.  Orikan is mine.

I won table halves after we both rolled 6's.  Picked left side of board.  Bryan won roll for deployment.  He chose to go second.  grr in my corner.  Turned out it wasn't that bad.  Capture the Flag is in the middle of the difficult terrain on top of the hill.  Meant Relic, not flag.  Bryan laughs and says this is going to be a fast game.

Stage of mayhem

Necron deployment.  After moving a couple things around,  thanks to Bryan for letting me know only scoring units can grab the relic, I put Orikan, Cryptek and five Warriors up front.  Figure the two squads of Wraiths will provide a nice aggressive and defensive shield for the troops to grab the flag, err Relic, and bring it back to their deployment.

Necron deployment

Top of first.  Completely forgot to run with Orikan's squad.  Spyders generate Scarabs.  One Spyder takes a wound.

Top of first

Bottom of first.  Bryan gets the daemons he wants.  Skarbrand scatters ontop of Wraiths and mishaps to delayed.  Dang it!  Blood Crushers also mishap and are delayed.  Really not a fan of the new mishap table.  Preferred 5th eds.  Five Bloodletters are removed from the board thanks to Orikan/Writhing Worldscape.  Orikan takes a wound from flying Daemon Prince Vector Strike.  Again completely forgot about Look Out, Sir!  Bryan again says this is going to be a fast game.  I naysay him again.

Bottom of first

Top of second.  Spyders make more Scarabs.  Hammer of Wraith from Wraiths remove 6 Bloodletters before close combat begins.  The rest are removed from the Wraiths assault.  First blood Necron VP 1.  Don't need that Icon of Chaos on the board.  Imotehk keeps night fight but I completely forget to use it on the flying Daemon Prince.  Warriors with Cryptek behind barracade shoot at flying Daemon Prince.  Two warriors hit but fail to wound.

Top of second

Close up of bottom of second H2H.  Daemon Prince takes a wound gliding in to difficult terrain.  Writhing Worldscape and jump units landing in difficult terrain.  1 or 2.  Two bad rolls in a row.  Daemon Prince charges squad close to flag, err Relic.  I meant Relic.  Again completely forgot about Overwatch.  Have to make myself reminders.  Write them on the back of my hand before playing.  Daemon Prince challenges Orikan.  Discretion is the better part of valour.  Orikan declines and Daemon Prince chooses Cryptek whom promptly gets pounded.  Doesn't make his Ever-Living roll.

Bottom of second H2H

Bottom of second.   In come a lot of daemons.  Blood Crushers in upper left corner.  Skarbrand.  Blood Thirster.  Bloodletters in back field with Icon.  Skarbrand scatters 8 inches towards Wraiths.  Turns out Dave learns what is happening.  There's going to be a large release of Chaos Daemons and that's it.  Nothing more.  No codex.  I look at Bryan and ask him if he's more than a little disappointed.  He says yes.

Bottom of second

Top of third H2H.  Something magical happens.  Orikan is Empowered.  First real time I can use it.  Wraiths assault.  Daemon Prince makes all his saves against the Wraiths.  Orikan's Empowered with Staff of Tomorrow AP2 with Prince misses two saves leaves him with 1 wound left.  Necron Warriors attack.  Prince misses one wound and dies.  Warriors take down the Daemon Prince!  I was doing everything I could to hide my joy.

Top of third H2H

Top of third.  Imotehk gets lightning.  And again I completely forget.  Spyders generate Scarabs.  Same Spyder takes a wound.  Wraiths assault Skarbrand and Skarbrand takes a wound from Hammer of Wraith.  Promptly takes more wounds from the Wraiths and is removed from the board.  Slay the Warlord Necrons VP 2.  Thank you, Skarbrand, for the re-rolls on to hit.  You're the bestest!  Wraiths consolidate toward last remaining scoring unit of Daemons.  Line Breaker Necron VP 3.  At this point Bryan calls it.  He was right it was a fast game.  As he says I kept removing big model after big model.  Now he has to go into my deployment zone after Orikan grabs the flag, err Relic.  Yeah, I'm kidding.  Seriously Relic = Capture the Flag.  It is at this point Bryan in a quite serious tone looks at 40k'ers across from us and asks "Anyone want to buy a Khorne army for 5$?"  Two guys say yes and start reaching for their wallets.  Two others also reply yes.  Two others just look at Bryan.  Bryan then comes to his senses and decides not to sell his army.

Top of third.  End of game.

End of game from daemons side

End of game.  Relic is the wooden chip I made for 2nd ed "Take and Hold" 17 years ago.

Asked Bryan during our debriefing if he was serious about selling his army for 5$.  He said "Yes, I was."  Which I replied "Then you came to your senses?"  Bryan replies "Pretty much" and starts laughing.  As he says Chaos Daemons got nerfed in 6th ed.  They don't have power weapons anymore.  So Bloodletters are useless.  They are now AP3.  Furious Charge also got nerfed.  He also says the deployment was against him.  He's not sure what he can do to his list to make it better.  I do have thank him.  Which I did immediately after calling it.  Thanked him for forcing me to make a stronger, better list.  Bryan mentioned his Black Templars are close to being done.  Might be done for Sunday.

slainte mhath

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