Sunday, July 29, 2012

12.7.28 Eldar War Walkers

Eldar Vipers are done.  Was going to start Eldar Jetbikes they weren't basecoated.  Will basecoat them tonight.  Figured I'd start War Walkers.

One of Shawn's War Walker needed some love before I started.  It either broke before it was put in the transport case or broke inside the transport case.  Very weird.  Pinned the Scatter Laser and was off to work.

Got ahead of myself again or probably didn't notice the lines in the War Walkers.  Stopped applying Surf Aqua and grabbed the .005 tech pen.

slainte mhath


  1. Nor weapon shields on one of them or shield generators on two of them either. These models were put together by one of his boys. Though I'm sure he put one together. Or it was the last one put together by one of his boys after Shawn pointed a couple of things to them.

    Shawn has a Wave Serpent and Falcon for me to put together. He says he'll pick me up a model for assembling them. My guess is he's a bit embarrassed so he wants them put together.


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