Monday, July 23, 2012

Rules of the Game 12.7.18

Learned a couple more rules during my last game with Shawn.

40k 6th ed pg 47. Jump units can use their jump packs once each turn to move more swiftly in either the Movement phase or Assault phase -- They cannot use their jump packs in both phases in the same turn.

Assault Phase  If a Jump model uses its jump pack to charge into assault, it can re-roll its charge distance.  ...a model that uses its jump pack to charge gains the Hammer of Wraith special rule for the remainder of the turn.

You can move 12, assault 2D6 without re-rolling and no Hammer of Wraith because you used jump pack in movement, or you can move 6" and re-roll assault 2D6 and gain Hammer of Wraith because you're using the jump pack in assault.

Context: First game with Shawn, also first 40k game, my Wraiths used their Jump in both move, re-roll assault range and getting Hammer of Wraith.  This is a "No No."  It's one or the other.  Jump in movement or assault.  Not both.

40k 6th ed pg 42 Smash. All of those close combat attacks, except Hammer of Wraith attacks, of a model with this special rule are resolved at AP2.

Context:  One of Shawn's Daemon Princes was attacking a squad of 4 Necron Warriors.  He said warriors were destroyed.  I naysaid him saying Monstrous Creatures don't have AP anymore and he corrected me.

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