Monday, July 30, 2012

12.7.29 Eldar War Walkers

Starting off from last nights work.

Decided I'm going to have the painting be more standard with normal models.  Not that War Walkers are normal.  Just not as special as other models.  Say Fire Prism.  I love War Walkers they are great on the field.  Two squads of 3 with two Star Cannons and you have a mean squad that very quickly gets the attention of your opponent.  Which if you study Sun Tzu and apply a couple of his tactics from Art of War you can do majour damage to your opponent without them recognizing it.  This was exactly the case when Bryan and I were doing 1850 pt battles prepping for Fantasy Flights pre-Adepticon tournament.

Deceit is the essence of war ~ Sun Tzu Art of War

While opponents are focusing too much attention on three models that have S 5 Ap 2 Heavy 4 shots you hit them with the real damage dealers.  Long range Falcons, Fire Prism, etc.  Perhaps even throw in a squad of Howling Banshees working with Scorpions.  Of course keep your Golden Boy, Farseer, near the War Walkers.  She can Doom a squad and Guide the War Walkers.  That is one squad your opponent will soon be removing models off the board.  Feels great.

Surf Aqua base complete.

Front Brassy Brass pieces of equipment.

Rear Brassy Brass for pieces of equipment.

Regal Blue for panels around engine intakes.  Just like Skimmers.

Just like Skimmers this little guy is painted in the same vein.  Hawk Turquoise for base.

And Brassy Brass for point.

Brassy Brass for equipment under cockpit.

Started Chaos Black before time up.  Left War Walker knee flex painted Chaos Black.

Quite pleased with myself hitting these Eldar so frequently.  Hopefully I maintain the momentum.  Need to get Shawn's Eldar back to him so I can start getting my Grey Knights.  It's all about motivation.

slainte mhath

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