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12.7.18 1500 Necrons vs Chaos Daemons

Time for another battle with Shawn.  Never had games with Shawn so frequent.  Turns out he's on Vacation so he has time for this stuff.

Wraith "Skarbrand, are those your cheerleaders or mine?  We'll soon find out."

Met Shawn at Fantasy Flight.  He had a great idea of playing 1500 pts since we are still learning 6th ed and hopefully finish a game.

Wore my CONvergence No Hope mockery of Obama's Hope campaign t-shirt.  Been wanting to get it for two years.  Saw it at CON this year and it was only 5$.  Will have to remember to purchase shirts two years later to get them on the cheap.

I'm really loving Alternative Terrain Set up.  I can see this terrain set up not taking very long with players that regularly game together.  Perhaps it was time or the desire to get to it so we can finish a game.  Shawn and I put together the board in about 4 mins.

Vanguard deployment and Big Guns Never Tire mission.  Heavy's and Troops are scoring units.  This will help me later.  Once again Destroyers and Heavy Destroyer are proxy for Wraiths.  Really need to put my new Wraiths together.

Shawn won roll for table halves so he picked upper right corner and placed the first piece of terrain.

Set up

Necron Deployment.  Put myself at the 12" line from the middle of the Vanguard board.  Plan is to make a strong push running everyone for that extra movement toward the two objectives in Daemon deployment zone.  Send a squad of Wraiths and the C'tan towards the far objective.  Plan to move Scarabs 12 and run each turn.  Put the Spyders before them so they can continue to generate Scarabs as the little critters quickly outpace the lumbering factories.

Necron deployment
Top of first.  Shawn wins roll off and chooses to deploy and go first.  Didn't think about seizing.  Rolls a 2, doesn't get the daemons he's looking for.  Doesn't roll any 1 or 2's due to Temporal Snares and Writhing Worldscape.

Top of first
Bottom of first.  Wraiths see Skarbrand.  They move into the difficult terrain on the left along with the C'tan.  They chill in there in case someone wants to come into attack.  Not that it matters whip coils will slow down the charger.  Spyders generate Scarabs.  16 total.  Spyder takes a wound.  Something I remembered the day before the battle was running.  Something I didn't do the last time playing Shawn's Daemons.  Could've had an extra 2-12" with my Wraiths.  Didn't forget that this time.  Army breaks into two parts.  Majourity to secure kitty corner and little contingent to say hi to Skarbrand.

Bottom of first
Top of second.  Shawn's dice are pretty hot he pulls down plenty of daemons.  One squad does mishap and is delayed.  Daemon Prince takes to flight.  Daemonettes land in front of Skarbrand.  C'tan will move towards them and charge.  Wraiths to Skarbrand.  Blood Crushers arrive to support Skarbrand.  10 pink horrors land near far objective two make dangerous terrain checks.  So far Writhing Worldscape tactic isn't working out.  Then again it can't always go your way.  Flamers move from far left side to the board.  C'tan takes a wound from Daemon Princes Breath of Chaos.  Swear everytime I take a C'tan around the block it ends up dead.

Top of Second
Bottom of second H2H, hand-to-hand, close up.  Wraiths make contact with Skarbrand.  He takes a wound.  Skarbrand removes two Wraiths.

Bottom of second H2H

Bottom of second.  C'tan charges Daemonettes.  Takes out a couple.  They answer with one wound to the shard.  Necron Warriors are in the foreground.  Kept on the other side of the body of the army for safety.  Keep some of my scoring units alive as long as possible.  Spyders generate Scarabs.  22 total.  Another wound on a Spyder.  C'tan takes out some Daemonettes.  Other squad of Wraiths jump to 10 Pink Horrors and they wiped off the board.  First Blood VP, victory point.  Necron 1 VP.  My Wraiths really like Skarbrands re-rolls

Bottom of second

Top of third H2H close up.  Blood Crushers come in to help out Skarbrand.  Shawn's dice turn on him.

Top of third H2H

Top of third.  Skarbrand and Blood Crushers are effective in reducing the Wraith threat.  Only one Wraith remains.  Another Daemon Prince comes into play.  Breath of Chaos on rear 5 Necron Warriors.  Can only reach one.  It goes down.  C'tan and Daemonettes continue to exchange blows.  C'tan only has one wound left.  Serious can't take them anywhere.  Reanimation Protocols allow Necron Warrior to stand up.  During this turn he says his dice better stop messing around or he's going to start kicking the table.  Don't blame him.  His dice have gone on strike.

Top of third

Bottom of third H2H close up.  I can't get enough of watching this show in syndication.  Honestly, I can't.  Will never stop watching it.  Folks we have it again.  A single Wraith facing Skarbrand.  Thank you for the re-rolls.  Yes it happened again.  The Wraith took Skarbrands last wound again.  I'm LOVING this!  Slay the Warlord VP to me.  Necron 2 VPs.

Bottom of third H2H

Bottom of third.  Wraiths that took out Horrors are heading over to assist the left flank.  Would like them to take out the Flamers and Blood Crushers.  Skarbrand if he's still around.  Spyders generate more Scarabs. 28 total.  Two wounds to Spyders.  Damn!  They are collecting wounds like nobodies business.   Far Spyders are moving to rear objective.  Orikan and Warriors are close to an objective.  Second unit of Spyders turn around.  Scarabs create bubblewrap for Orikan and Warriors.  Scarabs will either A) Cluster up and wait for Daemon Prince to attack or B) Charge a Daemon Prince and tear it to pieces.  Shawn's dice still don't like him.  At this point he is close to calling it because of how poorly his dice are behaving.  I empathize.  I've been there before several times.

Bottom of Third.

Top of fourth.  Shawn surprises me.  He moves the Blood Letters into combat instead of securing the objective.  Then again he does have one Daemonette left from the H2H with C'tan.  The shards baleful energies take out 4 of 5 Daemonettes.  Nearby Blood Crushers save.  Blood Crushers take down last Wraith with assistance from Blood Letters.  Daemon Prince takes out five Necron Warriors.  Completely forgot Overwatch!  Other Daemon prince takes out all but two Warriors with breath.  Reanimation Protocols don't save warriors neither does Ever-Living on Orikan.  Forgot "Look Out, Sir!" grrr.  Slay the Warlord VP to Shawn.  Daemons 1 VP.  Flamers take out two Wraiths.

Top of fourth

Bottom of fourth H2H close up.  Daemon Prince does three wounds to the Scarabs.  Only has Strength of 5.  No Instant Deaths.  Yay!  One Scarab base removed.  140 attacks, 43 hits, 6 wounds.  Daemon Prince misses an Armour Save and Entropic Strike destroys it.  Prince takes one wound.

Bottom of fourth H2H

Bottom of fourth.  Spyders generate more Scarabs.  34 total.  More wounds for the Spyders!  Three Spyders have two wounds from generating Scarabs.  Makes up for all the times I didn't take a wound.  Shawn says I can't complain.  They way my dice been behaving coupled with how poorly his dice are rolling, he tells me to shut up.  It's pretty funny and I agree.  Spyders pull back while watching objective.  Two warriors are in the arch waiting to jump on an objective.  Other Spyder unit has secured their objective.  The hard push to the two objectives worked.  Now to see if I can hold them.  Scarabs go screaming at the far Daemon Prince.  Near one is swooping.  Wraiths continue moving towards Blood Crushers and Blood Letters.  Flamers are on the way.  Used Hammer of Wraith on Flamers the crushing assault eliminated the Flamers as a threat.  Consolidated 3".

Bottom of fourth

Top of fifth.  Blood Crusher assault Wraiths.  Swooping Daemon Prince lands then jumps back.  Breath of Chaos then assaults the back Spyder to little effect.  Shawn's dice have all but checked out.  Lone Daemonette moves towards far objective.  If only I could reach her....

Top of fifth
Bottom of fifth.  Daemon Prince only does three wounds to Scarabs again.  Another base gone.  100 attacks this time.  32 hits.  3 Wounds.  Daemon Prince Invulnerable saves one.  Daemon Prince has taken three wounds.  One wound left.

Bottom of fifth
Roll the dice and 4 comes up.  On to turn six.  /ugh, sigh  This isn't going to get any better for me.

Top of sixth H2H.  Why are my Wraiths always getting themselves into these situations?
Top of sixth.  Blood Letters help out Blood Crushers and start hacking away at Wraiths.  Wraiths are done.  Consolidate towards Necrons objectives.  Funny because I want to finish off the Daemon Prince and consolidate towards lone Daemonette.  Says to pull the Daemon Prince with one wound left.

Top of sixth
Shawn calls game.  I was trying to figure out if my Scarabs could've reached the single Slaanesh Daemonette to secure my win.  Shawn then said to roll the dice to see if seventh turn occurs.  Dice comes up 3.  Game ends. Figured with consolidating after taking down Daemon Prince 1-6"  Move 12" at bottom of sixth.  That is 13-18"  Then run, with re-roll say average 4 that would be 17-22"  Then another 12" move in bottom of seventh for 29-34".  Then charge 2D6 with re-roll say average 8"  That would be 37-42" I'm damn sure I would've been able to contest if not rip apart the little lady standing all by herself when a swarm of some 30 Canoptek Scarabs comes at her.  Daemon score would be dramatically less.  Shawn did make a good call.  Roll the dice if the dice gave us a seventh turn then we would've seen what happened.

Chaos Daemon objective

Necron objective

Chaos Daemon contesting Necron objective

Win 5-4 Necrons vs Chaos Daemons

slainte mhath

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