Monday, July 23, 2012

12.7.19-12.7.22 2 of 2 Wave Serpent completed

Figured instead of spam you all with updates of the same model you just saw I would make one post with everything from beginning to end.  Took about 5.5hrs to paint.  Quicker than the first Wave Serpent.



Tech pen for black lines.

Started with Surf Aqua like before.  It will be the first colour I'll use on Shawn's Eldar.

As Spyrle mentioned on the Viper thread.  The panels on turrets are painted in cascading.  One on right has lower left panels painted.  Then left have middle.  Next Wave Serpent will have upper right panels painted.

End of 19th.  Perhaps it's because I've painted two other skimmers it feels like things are going quicker.

12.7.21  Have more free time lately for painting.  Which is a good thing.  Think some night I'll take a break from Eldar and do some more work on my Canoptek Spyders.  They semi-close to being finished.

Close the 21st with Chaos Black and Brassy Brass.

12.7.22  Big day of painting.  Was able to put a solid 4 hrs in today.  Didn't think I'd complete the second Wave Serpent today but there wasn't much to do after yesterday.  All the small details.

All the brass completed.

Here are three pics showing that more panels are painted.

Here is about 5 panels painted.  Two panels are painted the same colour they cout as one panel.

First Wave Serpent has four panels painted.

Fire Prism has three panels.

Bright Lances painted a nice shiny silver like mine.  Chainmail.

Cockpit painted.  Things are moving along swimmingly.  Making great time today.

Blue tape time.  Folded the blue tape so it would be easier to apply.

Cut into the blue tape so it can be applied easily.

As promised in previous post.  This should give an idea of how the blue tape follows the landmarks, lines on the model to make the stippling straight.

Close up of front right tape.

Close up of tape on body.


Again here is my stippling brush.  Bristles are compressed so one side is wider then the other.  Great for tapping paint on a surface.

Close up of brush width.

Close up of side.

Second stage Dark Angels Green.

Layer of Goblin Green.  Dabbed/stippled over Dark Angels Green.

Can see how blue tape was folded for application.

Have to say this is the best stippling I've done.  Makes previous two look like a joke.

Most uniform Goblin Green yet.

Three skimmers completed.  Does this give you an idea of the Craftworld colours, Spyrle?

Second Wave Serpent completed.

Damn, I like how clean that stippling looks.

Critique away.

slainte mhath


  1. Mentioned twice in one post, oh my! I have to admit that together they look pretty good. I'll be interested to see some infantry with them.

  2. Thanks, Spyrle. Sent a pic to Shawn last night. He responded "I won't lie to you.... That looks good."

    Thinking I'll keep the Aspect Warriors mesh armour the same grey while painting the plates in Aspect colours.


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