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12.7.14 1850 Necrons vs Chaos Daemons (Shawn's)

First BatRep, battle report, of 6th ed.  Yeah, my Necrons are fighting daemons again.  This time it's Shawn's daemons not Bryans.

That's right one Wraith vs two Plague Bearers, five slaanesh steeds and Skarbrand.  I feel great!

Met Shawn at Fantasy Flight.  Later than I liked.  Had a ton of laundry to do.  Had disgusting clothes from CON the weekend before.  Was too busy doing other things last week to laundry.  Could've done laundry at the same time but nope.

Wore my new t-shirt from Offworld T-Shirt Design I purchased from CONvergence.  Mudder's Milk Higgin's Moon shirt.  Firefly fans unite!

Mission: Crusade.  Three objectives, neon green pieces of plastic.  Deployment Hammer and Anvil.  Good olde fashion Rogue Trader deployment.  Ah, feeling of nostalgia waves over me and I'm indeed a happy camper.

Our theatre of removing models today.

Have to say I LOVE the alternate terrain set up rules in 6th ed.  Probably my favourite part of the edition so far.  Since I have not read that part of the book, only on page 43 (only read when I'm at work or during a game), had to follow Shawn's lead.

We rolled off per the book and he won.  He chose the left side of the table.  I was personally hoping for the right side and very glad that side was mine.  Then he told me to roll a d3 in each 2'x2' this represents the number of pieces in each section of the board.  Turned out the right side, side I was hopping for received 3 pieces to cut off a corner.  Perfect for my Scarab factory/farm plan!  Since Shawn won roll off he set first piece.  I then focused on the right side and placed the pieces where I wanted to assist my Canoptek Spyder/Scarab army.  Shawn mentioned the board looks sparce.  I agreed.  Said it would be great for Tau.  If one of the armies was Tau the board would've been set up differently.

Orikan is my Warlord.  Rolled on Strategic Traits and received Master of Ambush.  Not useful.  Skulltaker is Shawn's.  Shawn rolled on Personal Traits and received Master of Manuever.  Two traits which aren't helpful for our armies. C'est la vie

Won roll off for deploy and go first.  Decided to deploy and go first.

Necron Deployment.  Again Pariahs are Crypteks.  Destroyers and Heavy Destoyer are Wraiths.  Have two boxes of Wraiths ready to go after I get done painting my new Canoptek Spyders.  Used three of those today even though they aren't completely painted.  Most people would probably be done with them.  I still want more detail on them.  Orignally had my two squads of Wraiths 12' further onto the board.  Shawn put them in their place and reminded me 12" from centre of board.  Thanks, Shawn!

"And they have a Plan."  Imotekh is with three Crypteks on far side of wall.  Two Crypteks have Tremorstaves one has Chronometron.  I'll tell you right now that Chronometron is UseFul!  Hope you to can sense the sarcasim from here.  Orikan is with 6 warriors and one Cryptek with Tremorstave in the back behind the wall I made with the C'Tan Writhing Worldscape.  Six Canoptek Spyders and 10 Scarabs are also back there.  Scarabs are behind the Monolith.  Monolith is the gate to the army.  Other side of wall are six more warriors with Tremorstave Cryptek.  Wraiths have Whip Coils.  While Wraiths wraithflight up I'm generating 6 Scarabs a turn, the workhorse of my army.  Everything is just noise.  Bright, shiny, glittery noise.

Necron deployment

Top of first.  Wraiths move up 12"  Monolith moves enough to protect gate and allow for the Scarabs birth.  Six bases made and no wounds.  Orikan with troops move to Necron objective behind wall. Forgot to roll Imotekh's Lord of Storm.

Top of first

Bottom of first.  Shawn gets the Daemons he wants.  However luck is on Shawn's side.  He's able to stick Epidemius, Skarbrand and Beast of Nurgle.  Rest of his Daemons scatter onto impassible terrain or off board and rolls on mishap table and they are delayed.  None of them destroyed.  Not of a fan of the new table.  Preferred the olde one.  Has the Beast of Nurgle near one objective.  Epidemius near the other.  At this point Shawn asks me if the Scarabs are the defenders of my deployment.  I tell him they are actually the workhorse.  Though they don't do much work this game.  Enough to make me happy though.

Bottom of first

Top of second.  Remember to roll Imotekh's Lord of Storm.  Rolled a 1.  Wraiths continue their flight to their goal: Skarbrand.  They want to personally thank Skarbrand for allowing re-rolls in H2H, hand-to-hand.  Move up the warriors with the cryptek on right.  Create 6 more scarabs.  No wounds yet. 

Top of second

Bottom of second.  I learn about the new reserve chart and Shawn pulls something I didn't expect.  Turn two and three reserves come in on 3+ four they automatically come in.  Too static for me.  Will have to get over it.  Shawn's deployment surprises me.  He puts one squad of Plague Bearers infront of Wraiths on right flank.  The Wraiths really wanted Epidemius.  That will have to wait a couple of turns.  Loses two plague bearers due to deep striking in difficult terrain.  Thank you C'Tan.  Other Plague Beaer squad lands in the middle away from their intended target the Wraiths they lose one.  Slaanesh Fiends land infront of Skarbrand, the Wraiths ultimate goal.  Fiends lose one due to Writhing Worldscape.  I know remember that Imotekh has a Chronometron Cryptek with him.  grrr

Bottom of second

Top of third.    Wraiths on left flank assault Slaanesh Fiends and they are wiped from the field.  First Blood!  Necron 1 VP.   Thank you Skarbrand and Whip Coils for easily reducing them to their warp parts.  Wraiths move towards Skarbrand.  Wraiths on right flank take on Plague Bearers and remove a couple.  No wounds to Wraiths.  Shawn asks if Wraiths can go over Plague Bearers.  Silly me I say no.  Foolish me I think that my Wraiths can't jump over the Plague Bearers to get to Epidemius.  I think I have to move around.  Won't make that mistake next time.  Spyders generate 6 more scarabs.  Original 10 squad is now 28 strong.  Finally a Spyder takes wound.  Monolith shoots into Plague Bearers in the middle and takes a couple out.

Top of third

[unpictured] Bottom of third.  Daemon Prince finally comes in and lands in Necron deployment zone.  Skarbrand and Beast of Nurgle assault Wraiths.  Beast of Nurgle takes one.  Wraiths take none.  Wraiths continue to hack away at Plague Bearers.  What wounds their saves doesn't stop FNP, Feel No Pain, does.  Wraiths take one wound.  Epidemius is doing a great job helping out the Plague Bearers.  I need to take him down.  Shawn tells me Daemon Prince deployment is wrong.  It starts as Gliding then can move to Swooping.  (this is incorrect, have a rules of the game post covering this soon)  One of Shawn's Tzeentch's Flamers mishap and are delayed.  Other Flamers land on field.  Bit further to affect Wraiths.  Single wound on Wraiths is saved.

Close up of H2H.

Bottom of third H2H

Close up of Skarbrand assaulting Wraith squad.  He takes two wounds.  Wraiths make all their saves.

Bottom of third H2H

Top of fourth. Spyders generate scarabs.  34 total scarabs.  Scarabs skitter around the wall and assault the Daemon Prince.  Monolith moves up to continue shooting at Plague Bearers.  One of three scoring Daemon units.  The other scoring Daemon unit is still in reserves.  Shawn's dice have been great on reserves.  On his turn he won't need them.  Everyone comes on.

Top of fourth

Close up of H2H.  Daemon Prince misses to hit rolls.  No wounds on Scarabs.  Scarabs answer:  130 attacks, 49 wounds, 6 Saves to make.  He forgot to buy Iron Hide for the Daemon Prince.  It took two wounds.

Top of fourth H2H

Bottom of fourth.  Shawn's last reserves come in.  Last Slaanesh Fiends and Slaanesh Steeds come in.  Skulltaker and Bloodletters finally arrive.  Makes me happy.  My Wraiths are going to contest the second chaos objective and its about to be fifth turn.  Don't think they have enough to rip down six Wraiths which only have taken one wound so far.  Shawn says to take the Daemon Prince off the board.  I confirm that we won't be rolling any H2H Scarabs against Prince.  He says yes and I hand him the model.  Shawn does something that he later says is a mistake.  He moves Epidemius into H2H with Wraiths on last Plague Bearer.  Immediately Shawn says that was a mistake.  I concur.  Shawn has been pretty lucky not rolling 1's from the Writhing Worldscape difficult becomes dangerous terrain.  Two Wraiths focus on Epidemius who already has a wound and the servant of Nurgle expires.  Last Plague Marine is done and Wraiths consolidate 6" toward objective.  Skarbrand takes out three of four Wraiths.  One lone Wraith is outside of Skarbrands reach.

Bottom of fourth

Top of fifth.  Lone Wraith moves towards only single scoring unit on left flank.  Spyders create more scarabs.  37 total scarabs.  Other Spyders were too far away.  Have to keep the Spyders intermingled with Scarabs in the future.  Monolith moves into difficult terrain to continue shooting at Plague Bearers on left.  Wraith removes one Plague Bearer.

Top of fifth

(unpictured) Bottom of fifth.  Slaanesh Steed charge into Difficult Terrain because they treat difficult as dangerous they make a roll.  Shawn loses one.  Loses two more in H2H with Wraiths.  I'm loving those whip coils!

Close up of H2H.  The one Slaanesh Fiend that can attack wounds the Wraith.  Wraith makes the save.  Wraith takes Skarbrands last wound.  Thank you, Skarbrands, H2H re-rolls!  The Wraith is summarily torn to little robot pieces by the Slaanesh Fiends.

End of game.  Pics while packing up.

One Chaos Daemons objective.

Second Chaos Daemons objective.

One Necron objective.

Big picture at end of game.

Win 4-0 Necrons vs Chaos Daemons.

slainte mhath

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