Sunday, June 23, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Hemlock Wraithfighter and Multiple Layers of Fearless requesting feedback

Here's a situation one of our gamers brought.  Would like your thoughts on how this works.

JJ typing, I've figured this rule out.  Want to get other's thoughts.

Hemlock Wraithfighter Eldar Codex 6th ed pg 52

Psychic Powers: The Hemlock Wraithfighter does not roll for psychic powers but always knows the Terrify psychic power from the Telepathy discipline.

Terrify 40k6 mini-rulebook pg 147

Terrify is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24".  The target receives no benefit from the Fearless special rule and treats all enemy unit as having the Fear special rule for the powers [sic] duration.  Furthermore, it must immediately take a Morale Check.

Wraithguard Eldar Codex 6th ed pg 49

Special Rules: Fearless

Avatar of Khaine Eldar Codex 6th ed pg 26

Khaine Awakened: All friendly units chosen from Codex: Eldar within 12" are Fearless

Here's the situation: Hemlock Wraithfighter uses its Terrify power on a squad of Wraithguard.  Terrify strips Fearless from the Wraithguard.  The Wraithguard are within 12" of the Avatar.  Wraithguard gain Fearless from the Avatar.  Does the Wraithguard have multiple Fearless layers?  The first layer of Fearless is from the units own special rule.  The second layer is from the Avatar's Khaine Awakened special rule.  If the first layer of Fearless is removed does the unit benefit from second layer should the first be removed?

Please provide any references with books and pages numbers.

slainte mhath


  1. There's no layer of Fearless here.

    Terrify implies that the targeted squad receive no benefit from the Fearless special rule, nor from being a Wraithguard, nor from being withing 12" of the Avatar.

    It's as simple as that. You can not claim the Fearless special rule from any source as long as Terrify takes effect.

    1. I agree. If it said that It loses fearless then I might think that it was possible to only take off one "layer" of fearless Since it says that it receives no benefit from the fearless special rule, it is as if fearless means nothing to them, no matter how many layers of fearless they have.

  2. I think they just lose fearless.
    Btw, how did the hemlock fare in your games? Really interested to know as I love the model

  3. No matter how many 'fearless effects' on that unit they are all ignored. The unit still has fearless it just ignores all the benefits from it. That's how I read it at least.

  4. Agreed, it would be like having a unit entry that said:

    Type: infantry
    Special rules:

    Doesnt matter how many times you have fearless, you're not fearless against terrify because it's the same USR.


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