Monday, December 31, 2012

Grey Knights Purifiers painting part 8 (Yes, more Chainmail)

Had a little bit of time to paint last night, or this morning depending how you look at it.

3 of 6 squads Chainmail on metal bits done.
Some could sum this evening up with "there will be blood."  Great movie by the way.  If you haven't seen it please give it a viewing.

It was my brother Donnie's birthday last night.  We hit Williams in Uptowne Minneapolis.  Had a horrible server in the basement and moved upstairs where we had a much better server.  Love of my life came out and enjoyed hanging out with her at the party.  After the party I drove b-day boy and friend back to friend's place.  Had a few more drinks and chatted further.  Friend ended up cutting his fingers with a knife while preparing limes for rum and diet cokes.  The guy had blood on the side of his face.  Which I cleaned off upon seeing it.  He band aided himself and held his arm up for the rest of the evening, morning?  Left his place around 3:20am.  Landed at my pad shortly after and immediately turned on the lights of the murder table.

4 squads of 6 Chainmailed.

Put my iPod in and went to work.  Admittedly I should've accomplished a lot more today.  Decided to do one of those wake-up-look-at-some-stuff-online-then-take-a-4-hour-nap things.  Had time to watch some Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (thank you, Netflix) before heading off to aforementioned b-day party.  Was running late for the party so I had to stop it where Dunpeal and Leila are confronting Camille.  Today is New Years Eve which my plan is to paint through it.  Though I'm already coming up with conflicting plans.  Not sure which I'll do yet.

slainte mhath

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