Monday, June 17, 2013

13.6.15 1850 Grey Knights vs Eldar

Been awhile since I've been at the table.  Over two weeks since my last game.

JJ playing, finally after many weeks, time to put down my Purifiers again.  Had a great day hanging out with just Shawn.  Getting to know someone personally with one-on-one time is one my genuine pleasures.  We hit an all you can eat sushi place in Roseville, MN Kyoto.  Their yellowtail sashimi was the best thing on the menu.  Akira, in Woodbury, MN, is much better.  Doubt I'll be going back to Kyoto anytime soon.

Wore my VNV Nation Faith Power Glory workman shirt.

Our scene of murder Sat evening.

Shawn asked if I was interested in trying a mission out of the Eldar Altar of War ebook.  Said yeah.  Rolled the die and Shadow Screen is the mission.

Eldar deploy

Grey Knights deploy

Shawn wins roll to go first.  Mission doesn't allow seize initiative.

Top of first.  War Walkers eliminate one combat squad.  First Blood 1 VP Eldar.  Avatar comes out and is ready to take on some Purifiers, fails to wound  Fire Dragons are behind far building sitting on objective.  Due to the mission several Eldar are able to arrive from reserve in first turn.

Bottom of first.  Grey Knight shooting removes War Walkers from the table.  Thanks to Phil Kelly, or someone at GW, for nerfing Runes of Warding.  No more rolling 3D6 on Psychic tests.  Avatar is taken down due to some shooting and mostly close combat.  Slay the Warlord 1 VP Grey Knights.  Hull point on Wave Serpent.  Crowe hops into a Psyhino, Rhino with psyammunition.  This turn has one of those great moments in 40k.  War Walker goes out with a bang.  I ask how many Wraithguard are in range of the explosion.  Shawn answers 3.  Connor says "That won't take out Wraithguard."  I roll to wound.  Three wounds.  Shawn fails 3 saves.  Connor blinks in disbelief.  Shawn says later in the game, almost half the games we play he says this, there are times I wonder why I play this game.  Referring to his dice rolls.

Top of second.  I forget to shoot with my Vindicare and Shawn promptly takes him out.  More Eldar arrive from reserve.  Wave serpent moves to grab Fire Dragons.  Eldar shooting wrecks one Psyflemen one removes a couple of Purifiers.  Thanks to Reinforced Aegis and Runes of Witnessing being changed Eldrad can't cast Eldritch Storm.

Bottom of second.  Grey Knights move to close range on regrouping Eldar.  Fire prism and viper are removed due to Grey Knight shooting.  Psyhinos begin their slow trek across the board to the Eldar objective.

This turn Connor says to me "I want to start micro-managing Shawn."  I laugh and say that is funny.
Top of third.  More Eldar shooting removes a couple of Purifiers.  Shawn is pre-measuring up a storm.  Making sure he keeps out of range of Purifiers while able to shoot with little retaliation.  Great plan.  One psyflemen is immobilised due to Eldar shooting.  More Eldar arrive from reserves.  Still has one unit of jetbikes in reserve.

Bottom of third.  More slow moving psyhinos across the board.  Grey Knight shooting stuns Falcon.  Falcon spirit stones don't negate the stun effect.  Hull point on Viper.  Starting to take my Purifiers to the fight.

Connor mentions he doesn't want the Grey Knights to win, he wants Eldar to win.  After seeing Connor biting his tongue from wanting to micro-manage Shawn I tell Shawn what he said the turn before.  Shawn then wants to hear Connor's thoughts.  Connor provides some info of what to do this and next turn.

Top of fourth.  Eldar move into position to remove Crow from psyhino.  Warlord power makes him a scoring unit.  Shawn wants to stop Crow from capping the Eldar objective.  Jetbikes arrive and take out one Purifier left from a squad so one model couldn't hold an objective.  Which was my plan.

Bottom of fourth.  Jetbikes that took out solo-purifier are removed.  Falcon also.

Close up of top of fifth.  Fire dragons get out and slag Crowe's psyhino.  Wave Serpent shoots at Crowe.  Iron Halo fails him Bright lance removes Crowe.  Slay the Warlord 1 VP Eldar, total 2.

Bottom of fifth.  Some amazing range from Psyflemen, they are able to shoot at jetbikes.  Bikes make all their saves.

Shawn rolls the die to see if games goes into sixth turn.  2 comes up, game ends.  Purifiers in Eldar deployment 1 VP Line Breaker.

Win 8-5 Grey Knights

Couple of things from this game was that Connor reminded me that psyhino's can go faster than 6" when he asked me "why are you moving them 6"?  Psyhinos should've been at the Eldar objective and causing more of a stir in the Eldar deployment far sooner.  Have to remember to shoot with vindicare.  Over extended myself by pulling too many combat squads off an objective.  That could've been a problem and tied the game if jetbikes would've taken out two Purifiers on the left objective.  Closest combat squad could not have made it back to objective in time to secure the win.

slainte mhath

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