Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to stop Eldar Crimson Hunters Canopy from falling out

The model is too new for this post to wait a week.  Figure others can find this helpful in solving the case of not wanting to run away canopy.

Unlike the earlier Eldar vehicles there is no tab that pushes the canopy arm into the slot at the top of the pilot's chair.  This keeps the canopy from falling out.  Not sure what is going on with GW's models, definitely not the same as before.  The light above the pilot's head is the slot for the flyer stand.  You can see that is a lot of space not holding the canopy in place securely.

JJ modelling,

After thinking about it far longer than I should've, it occurred to me plastic card is the way to go.  In the states we call it sheet styrene.

Precise measurements are required to make this work.  Five mm wide.

Two mm tall.

Black marker to show where I'll be super gluing the plastic card to ensure canopy doesn't fall out.

Now you can't see through the entire model.  There are no doubt ways to improve upon this.  One way would be to increase the height of the back of the chair.  Plastic card again or pinning.

Little black paint before gluing everything together.

slainte mhath

Blooper pics.

First piece of plastic card to hold the canopy arm.

Remember when making something.  Measuring twice and cut once.

Much better.  Now the canopy arms can go around this piece.  However I didn't measure the height twice.  Two halves of the Crimson Fighter wouldn't go together because this piece of plastic card was in the way.  Grrrr.

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  1. Good post. I'm sure someone is going to find this invaluable. I just glued mine in since I paint over the canopy anyway.
    Your pilot is looking awesome though, can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. One more thing, My flight stand refuses to go into the slot. I'm going to have to take a file to the model to get that in there. Did you have that problem too? Or is it just me?

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Almost considered airbrushing the canopy to make it look good then it occurred to me that the time on the pilot would be wasted. Had to take a canopy from one of my Vipers.

      Same problem. Seems the cad design for the models doesn't match up in some places. I will also be filling as well. Where do think is the best place to file? Front or back line? Thinking front because the Hunter wants to tilt up when on the stand. Stand seems to only go in one way, angling forward. Certain doesn't want to go in angling backwards like most flyers.

      If you put picks of yours I'll definitely be checking it it out.


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