Monday, June 10, 2013

Rules of the Game 6th ed: Moving Flat Out, Template Weapons, Allocate Wounds to Passengers and Independent Characters

Here are several rules from a friends game couple of Fridays ago.

JJ typing, Moving Flat Out 40k6 pg 72

A vehicle can elect to move Flat Out instead of firing in the Shooting phase, immediately move up to 6"; this move trigers Danger Terrain test as normal.  A Tank cannot move Flat Out in the same turn that it performs a Tank Shock.

Context: Suijin wanted to know if a Rhino can flat out after troops disembark.  Never encountered this rule before.  Yes it can.

Template Weapons 40k6 pg 52

Instead of rolling To Hit, simply place the template so that its narrow end is touching the base of the firing model and the rest of the template covers as many models in the target unit as possible, without touching any other friendly models (including other models from teh firing model's unit).

Context:  Suijin pulled a smart move here.  Instead of targeting the zombies he targeted the Plague Marines behind them.

Allocating Wounds, Effects of Damage on Passengers 40k6 pg 80

Resolve these as for shooitn hits, except that the controlling player allocates any Wounds caused.

Context: It was wondered who allocated wounds when a vehicle explodes.  Don't remember this rule coming up before.

Independent Characters 40k6 pg 39

He cannot join a unit that is locked in combat or falling back.

Context: Squad of Sisters were falling back.  Suijin asked if an Independent Character can join a squad that is falling back.  He was pretty sure it couldn't happen.  Wanted to make sure.  After looking in the correct section of the book Suijin was right.

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  1. For disembarking and flat out... Your quote does not show that you can flat out following a disembark. I don't have my rule book on me, but there is definitely a section stating that models may not disembark if the transport has moved more than 6" in a turn

  2. Please correct me if I am wrong

    1. DimmyK, you are correct 40k6 pg 79 covers not being able to disembark if vehicle moves more than 6". Perhaps my context wasn't clear. Sisters disembarked after Rhino moved 6". Player wondered if the Rhino can Flat Out after passengers disembarked.

    2. No no, I understood you completely. Did the rhino move before the sisters disembarked? Because if it moved 6, they disembark, then it flats out = it's moved more than 6" altogether, so they can't disembark

    3. DimmyK, we are on the same page. Yes, Sisters disembarked at the end of the movement phase after the Rhino moving 6" Then in the shooting phase Rhino Flat Out moved in additional 6". The Rhino didn't shoot its weapon and elected to move Flat Out instead.

    4. DimmyK, I think that is one of the rules holes where they are allowed to disembark because the rhino only moved 6". Afterwards, there is really no rule that disallows the rhino from moving flat out. So, I don't know that there is really a good way to decide this definitively.

    5. @Sujin, thanks for the clarification, that's exactly what I was confused about :) I guess you could argue both ways but Sent One's way probably makes more sense


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