Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tips for Painting a lot of Weapons

Wanted to share some steps used when painting the Crimson Hunter and Wraithknights weapons.

JJ typing,

Blister, weapons and poster tac.

Poster tac used to adhere the weapons to the blisters.  All weapons based Abaddon Black with airbrush.  Poster tac is useful when airbrushing tiny parts and you don't want to get paint on your fingers/gloves or potentially mess with the paint while its drying.

In my 40k universe all laser weapons are silver and heat weapons red.  Airbrushed Vallejo Model Air Chrome for lasers and Evil Sunz Scarlet for heat.

Little bit of blue tape to protect arm from over-spraying.  I wasn't thinking this all the way through when assembling this part of the wraithknight.

Leviathan Purple wash for laser and Bloodletter wash for heat.

After washes have dried airbrush highlight laser weapons with Vallejo Model Air Steel and heat with Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Right arm is the reason not to glue forearm weapon mount to arm before painting.  Thought I had enough control of my airbrush to do the weapon without blue tape.  Nope.  Then taped up both arms before continuing airbrushing.

Recycling is your friend.  Keep your pallets around for the next time.

Starcannons received line-highlight of Blazing Orange and Flash Gitz Yellow.

Shuriken cannons line-highlighted Adeptus Battlegrey.

slainte mhath


  1. That's a cool idea, I really like it.

    Somewhat related note - congrats on getting bids on both of them - here's to hoping there's a last minute bidding war.

    1. WOW! Sorry, getting ahead of myself.

      Thanks, Evan. Originally I had the extremely labourful idea of pinning each weapon to a plastic sprue from the wraithknight or crimson hunt for quick painting with the airbrush. Thought that would take a lot of energy. Then poster tac occurred to me. Plus no paint on the stem of where the weapon connects to the model.

      Ok, back to the surprise. Thanks of sharing that. I've been purposefully avoiding ebay in case my hopes are dashed against the shoals of reality. Now I'm off to check them. Thanks for the heads up, Evan.

    2. Heh, hope I didn't ruin a pleasant surprise or anything.

      And yeah, this method sounds much better and easier.

    3. Didn't ruin the surprise. More of a surprise this way than via email. Don't know what the comment is going to be compared to going to email and looking for the email.

      Yeah, poster tac much better than drilling little pins everywhere.


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