Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Paint Eldar Ghost Glaive

Quick post of how the Ghost Glaive came together.

JJ typing,

Blue tape to paint one edge of the blade at a time.  Since the fuller, the dip in the middle of the blade, is curved you can't just put the blue tape on it and paint away.  Have to cut the blue tape.  Used finger nail to press the blue tape into the fuller to know where to cut.

Based Vallejo Model Air Metallic Blue.

Modelling knife cut the blue tape in the fuller where the impression was made and pull off one half of the tape.  Don't throw away the other half of tape you'll need them later.

First highlight is Ice Blue.  Second is Vallejo Model Air White.

Don't throw these away either.  You're going to need them very soon.

See? This the reason why you didn't toss the first pieces of blue tape you pulled from the blade.  They are available to cover your airbrush work.  Please wait at least one hour to allow airbrush paint to dry before applying blue tape.

This is why you don't toss the painted tape.  You want to make sure you know where the paint was applied the first time.  And if you want to paint them a different angle, like I wanted to, you need to know how the paint was applied first time.

Here the top of the blade shine has a different angle from the bottom.

Comparing the blade to the bottom piece of blue tape you'll see again the shine is coming from perpendicular, not exactly 90 degrees, angle.

Both pieces of blue tape put together you can see how the blade is sort of reflecting shine from different angles.

Power supply part of the blade was based Vallejo Model Air Steel then washed with Gryphonne Sepia.  Handle based Leadbelcher with Ironbreaker highlights.  Bulbs are painted Ice Blue with Army Painter Mat White highlight.  Lines of Fenris Grey for handle grip.

slainte mhath


  1. Cool tutorial.
    Great finish on this blade.
    Thanks for sharing!

    What airbrush do you use?
    What do you dilute GW paints with to use them with an airbrush?
    Can I ask any more annoying questions?

    1. Thanks.

      Presently I use an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. Have my eye on a Harder
      and Steenbeck. Mostly using Windex. Have dabbled with other thinners. Not one is coming out as the winner yet. Feel free to ask as many annoying questions as you want.

    2. Thank you for your answer!
      Lately I've been creeping on ebay to look at airbrush prices...I'm not even sure if that's a good place to buy one but prices for brush+compressor look good.(and Iwata seems to be a good brand)
      I'd really like to start learning but I'd like to do so without throwing my money out the window.
      Since its quite an investment for me I'm not rushing to buy...but when I see what can be accomplished with them I can't help but envy.
      So if you have any suggestions I'm all ears.

      Thanks again for your answer.

    3. My pleasure, hope it was helpful.

      Listen to your gut. Would not suggest any high-priced airbrush for anyone just starting out.

      Great instinct not wanting to throw money away if it turns out you're not a fan. I was the exact same way. I wanted to dip my toes in the water before finding out I'm not a fan of the pool.

      This is what I purchased from amazon. Gut feels better purchasing from there. Worked great for me. The air compressor has impressed people.

      You get two different kind of airbrushes to test out. Some don't like gravity, others don't like syphon. Plus the whole kit is cheap.

    4. Unfortunately Amazon won't ship this item to where I live.
      I live in France and free delivery is only for the US. :(

      That and the fact that I would need an adapter for the compressor.(not the biggest issue but still something to think about)

      Thank you very much for the advice nonetheless.
      Very much appreciated.

    5. Well that does put a crinkle in the plan. Perhaps someone has something similar. If you do ever start in airbrush let me know. I'd love to see your beginning work.

  2. Looks fantastic. Cool walkthrough on how to recreate it.

    1. Thanks, Evan. Thought the blade was going to be a lot harder than it it was. Guess painting the halberds on my Purifiers helped me.

  3. Excellent tutorial I really like it, and the end result is really striking.

    I'd love to get an air brush but first I need to pay off my ultimate paint set, then get a carry case :-)

    1. Thanks.

      Eventually you'll get an airbrush. How long do you have to paint off your ultimate paint set?

    2. Well Sir,

      I've not paid any of it yet! I've sold off a load of old paints to recoup some of the outlay but it'll take me a couple of months I think

    3. Damn! How much is this ultimate painting set going to cost you? If you don't mind me asking.

    4. Sorry dude, thought I'd replied already.

      Was £280! Lot of money but its gone up in price after I bought it :-)


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