Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ebay Eldar Wraithknight part 1

Finally.  At last I'm doing this.  Been boring my gaming group and 40k buddies with the same story of my plans to paint one of these up and throw it on ebay.

JJ modelling, this isn't my idea.  40k buddy Wade told me about this several months ago.  Decided to give it a try.  Going to listen to all the music from one band each day that I'm painting this week.  Don't feel I have the time to look for the next album to play.  Today's band was VNV Nation.  Out of the 120 songs I have, listened up to 108.  Not bad.  Figure I'll finish that catalogue tomorrow then start the next band.

Tall ass model!

I would heavily suggest to cut off the peg from one of the feet.  Will make putting this guy on the base easier.

This is the reason why.  I didn't put both Wraithknights feet on the base before gluing them.  Would've helped a little.  Probably would've had to cut one of the pegs off.  In this case tore foot off and pinned it to make the feet look flat.

The support rod for the leg to pelvis is the reason to cut the peg off.  See that little line of white.  That is result of plastic twisting due to friction from heat.  If you don't have level feet and try to pull the legs so the feet are flat you'll get this.  Good news no structural damage to the rod.

These pieces are like legos.  No glue needed.  Just snap them into place due to he previous pieces being glued first.

We need another model that is almost the same height as a Monolith?  Monolith is a skimmer base.

This the part I'm most worried about.  There are only two pieces to connect the shoulder pad to the body.  One has a peg other is flat.

You'll probably notice a little female end peg on the right under the air-intake.  That is the only supporting part for the shoulder pad.

I highlight suggest NOT cutting the peg off for the torso.  You'll only end up pinning it again.

When you come to the harness for the forearm weapons.  Please glue the harness to itself first before gluing to the forearm weapon.

slainte mhath

How to make Eldar Wraithknight.

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