Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eldar Wraithknight S.I. part 1

Shawn has several new Eldar releases for me to paint.  All other Shawn's projects he had for me were side-lined for the Wraithknight.  Going to be mixing up the Work In Progress posts over the next several weeks.  Going to be kind of exciting.

Shawn started putting this guy together than had the foresight to stop in case I had a different idea.  I did and he really likes it.

JJ modelling, as always giving credit where it is due.  I'm stealing this pose from Mordian7th.  Really like how animated his Wraithknight looks.  Going to put my own spin on it.  Thanks, Mordian7th.

Finally back at the table after a lot of things taking me away from the apartment.  Felt damned good.

Had to tear apart Shawn's work on the legs to get the pose I wanted.  Need to cut those damned pegs off.

The foundation of the entire model.  Two 1.5mm thick metal pins securing foot to base.

You'll notice that the pins are at an angle with the foot.  That is on purpose.

Now that the legs are mostly put together decided to let them rest for at least 24hrs before doing anything with them.  Let superglue do its own thing.

Putting together the chest is damned simple.

That's it for that nights work.  Only had a couple of hours.  Re-working the legs took surprisingly longer than expected.

The air-intakes for this "jump monstrous creature."

Assembling the torso is actually terribly a lot of fun.

I LOVE this piece.  Out of all the GW models I've put together this is the piece I love the most.  The thrust under the chest enabling flight.  It literally clicks into place.  No need for glue.  Reminds me of the Rhino.

This whole assembling is quite the pain.  The only good thing about it is the energy pods are one piece.

Trying that whole dynamic pose thing.

Always worried about these pieces.  There is one little nub that sits on the shoulder which somehow secures it in place.

It is not as easy as the instructions indicate.

Time for some drilling.  3mm drill for magnets.

slainte mhath


  1. Looking good, mate! Love the magnetization you're doing - I wish I had done that to mine. Definitely looking forward to seeing more - are you going to paint this one up similar to the earlier one, or will this get a different scheme?

    1. Thanks, mate. Different scheme. Shawn's Eldar army scheme. Light grey and blue. You'll do magnets next time. I'll be there to learn from you.

  2. I love Moridian7th's so I'm looking forward to this. The torso looks a little too leaned back, but that could just be the way the shoulders without arms are throwing off the balance. Great work as always, and will be checking in regularly.

    1. Complete agree, Evan, Mordian7th's was excellent. I see exactly what you mean regarding the torso leaning back. Think missing the sword is causing it to look a little out of place.

    2. Thanks guys!

      Depends on the effect you're going for - as it is now it really has a lithe and nimble "dancing" sort of feel to it, which I do really like. I went with more of a leaned-forward running pose, essentially the only difference between how we did the build is how the torso is canted - I more or less carried the line of the straight leg up through the torso so it ended up leaning forward quite a bit, almost 30 degrees forward whereas your torso looks to be perpendicular to the ground - I ended up having to pose it lengthwise on the oval base due to the very leaning pose, it would have tipped over otherwise! :)

      The opportunity to have it sort of 'whirling' with the sword and shield could really look awesome, I would suggest canting the sword/sword arm around such that it's parallel with the ground, as though it's just finished a swipe perhaps...

      Definitely looking forward to seeing it come together, it's already looking awesome!

    3. Yeah, I think the arms will help balance it out and give purpose to the motion it has. Both of your builds are sorely tempting me to pick one up myself, but really don't have the hobby dollars at the moment. For now, I'll just live vicariously through your process, JJ.

    4. Didn't even catch that you had your knight at an angle on the base to not tip over, Mordian7th. There was something different about the base. Just couldn't place it. Now it makes sense. I like the idea of the sword coming out of swing. Will have to look into that.

      They are damn fun models, Evan. Feel free to live as vicariously as you want. I hope some of it's entertaining. haha


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