Monday, June 3, 2013

Ebay Eldar Wraithknight part 2

Didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted yesterday.  Though I'm probably further along than I think.

JJ painting, I only have 38 more hours to finish these models by my deadline.  There was a huge set back today with not practicing airbrushing.  Turns out it I can't get it to do what I thought would be easy.  Will have to practice more.  That ate up about a couple of hours.  Then had to redo the body and legs to get them back to their original colour.  Will admit that mistake was a blessing.  Legs look much better this way.  Colours pop more.

Finished VNV Nation catelogue.  Started Wolfsheim.  Stopped painting on track 67 out of 74.  Will finish that list tomorrow.

slainte mhath


  1. Very cool! I'm digging the gradient blue you're doing, definitely looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

    1. Thanks, Mordian 7th. I'm loking for seeing the progress on yours as well!


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