Friday, June 28, 2013

Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troop part 1

This is something my buddy Lane and I have talked about for quite some time.  We've waxed about this during our B&B, beer and bullshit, hang out before Fri night games.  The result of this commission epitomizes the purpose of this blog.

JJ painting, i've gone on about the purpose of this blog many times.  This commission piece exactly portrays the purpose of my sandbox.

Want this blog to be a step-by-step guide for modelling and painting.  Anyone can do it.  Some struggle more or less than others.  Really it comes down to applying oneself.  This commission fulfills that purpose.

After talking with Lane about exactly what he wants he asked "Are you going to put up pics [of the models] on your blog?"  Answered yes.  Then asked "So you can replicate the technique for the rest of your Imperial Guard?"  He answered, yes.  Bingo!  Exactly the purpose of this blog.  A 40k buddy Shawn has had his boys paint the craftworld symbol on his jetbikes.  Three of his boys tried, one more than others.  All gave up in frustration.  That bothers me.  Shawn boys are extremely promising.  One of them, I've told him if he continues doing what he has been doing he will be painting awesome models in a couple of years.  As I told Shawn I have a "how to" paint Eldar glyph post.  His boys could've used that "how to" and after a few more times practicing they would have it down better than I.

Lane and I talk about many things.  Would like to think I've taught him a lot.  Look upon him as sort of a protege.  One thing I say time and again when Lane tells me about something he's taught someone is "You're teaching them better than I've taught you.  What didn't and did work for me I've shared with you.  You use that information find out what does and does not work for you and teach the next person.  The lessons you teach are two generations better than mine."

Onto the commission.  Lanes wants these above table top quality.  This will be a pleasant challenge.

This is f'ing awesome!  Can't wait til my commission site goes live so I can receive instructions like these from people.  Allows me to know exactly where the boundaries are.

Dark Grey Knights (40 Army Painter Mat Black, 40 Mechanicus Standard Grey,  20 Fenrisian Grey) airbrush basecoat.

A LOT of line highlighting.  Army Painter Uniform Grey for the cloth.  Reaper paints Troll Shadow for boots.  Only had an hour to paint.  One hour at the table is better than no hours at the table.

In related news.  Commission website is near completion due to the tireless efforts of my Love.  Thank you, Love.  Little more time and it will be ready for 1st July.

slainte mhath


  1. Ugh. Good luck with the guard. They are a bear to slog through. I like the colour palette for them though. Good contrast and spot colours!

    1. I'm having the same feeling, though mixed with excitement of doing something outside of my usual. Will have to run that buy Lane. I don't think he wants spots. Will make sure. Thanks for brining that up, Zab.

    2. No spots. Thank you, Zab. Like what I see. Looking good for a start. -LT

    3. No spots it is, LT. The rest of the paint job will look like crap.


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