Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ebay Eldar Crimson Hunter part 5

Man, part of me wants to focus just on this guy tonight.  Feel I can get him done in an hour.  Practicing discipline.

JJ painting, recently had lunch with dad.  He's a handy-man.  Self-employed for some 15 years now.  As with every self-employed individual he has had his ups and downs.  I wanted to ask him what were the largest mistakes he's made so I might have an idea of what to possibly avoid, or prepare myself for, when I shingle from my Honeywell 40hr/wk rent paying gig to full-time commission artist.  In a word he answered: discipline.  Which of course immediately went into money and what to do with 30% of your earnings.  As he said 10% savings, 10% investment into your business and 10% to a charity that aligns with your business.  He said to start now and develop that discipline.  There's a larger picture I'm doing with these ebay models.  Which of course differs from my father's advice.  It's a long game and hope to share it in a post some months from now.

slainte mhath

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