Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ebay Eldar Crimson Hunter part 1

I'll be painting this model at the same time as the Wraithknight.  Going to see how efficient painting-wise that is going to be.

JJ modelling,

I wondered a long time why they would bother having this bulb not part of the wing.  Then it occurred to me.  Alaitoc craftworld, and other craftworld, symbol can be purchased and placed on the wing.

Don't have want to risk the time of taking pics of which layer of paint.  Cockpit airbrushed Abaddon Black.  Armour based Regal Blue.  Ice Blue line highlight for armour.  Eyes Flash Gitz yellow.  Spirit Stone setting Auric Gold Armour.  Stone based Evil Sunz Scarlet with Blazing Orange and Army Painter Matt White shine.  Finally did it.  I've been wanting to do a display glow on a pilot for a long time.  Took a page from LuckyNo.5.

As always, if I have the chance, painting band name(s) I'm listening to when putting a model together.

Beautiful thing about having the same army.  Mess up on the canopy.  Salvage one of yours.

slainte mhath


  1. Cockpit looks great and seeing one being built is making me want to pick one up.

    1. Thanks. Wish the pics were a little more in focus to clearly see the detail on the armour highlight.

      Would highly suggest picking one of these up. It is growing on me fast. I'm sure I'll purchase one for myself soon.


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