Wednesday, August 1, 2012

12.7.31 Eldar Wraithlords

Finished War Walkers.  Time to start Dreadnoughts.  err Wraithlords.

Shawn started these models awhile ago.  As you can see he already had an idea of what colours he wanted for his Eldar.  Thought about posting these with the Fire Prism to show the inspiration for the Craftworld colours.

Fortunately these are going to be fast models to paint, which also unfortunate.  Have to say I like the new Dreadnought.  I have several Rogue Trader and 2nd ed.  Five I think.  They were the core of my army before FOC, Force Organization Chart.  Since then I don't use them as much because I have a lot of other heavy units to use instead.

Armour plates Surf Aqua keeping with the theme of grey and Hawk Turquoise.

I have said this to Shawn before and to his boys.  I may be at my boiling point.  Anyone notice what's wrong?

Chaos Black for leg, arm, hand and torso joints.  Also painted the handle of the Wraith Blade like the Dreadnoughts blade is already painted.  Also gave the heads another coat of Hawk Turquoise to make it more uniform.

While painting I was honestly wondering if Wraithlords can buy Plasma pistols or if they come stock.  Before painting them looked in the codex.  They are Flamers which makes sense.

Put a solid 6 hrs in tonight.  Would paint til 4am.  Need to wake up and be online ready to buy tickets for Autumn Brew Review tomorrow.  Took the day off.  Perhaps I'll catch a showing of Dark Knight Rises.

slainte mhath


  1. Not two left feet, but wrong shoes on wrong feet that morning? Maybe the bonesinger was hungover when he started...

  2. I'm with you. Wrong shoes. Perhaps the Wraithlord was a bit too excited on his way out the door. Or as you said Bonesinger was hung over or imbibing while working.


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