Sunday, March 24, 2013

13.3.20 1850 Grey Knights vs Zombies

Had a fun battle Wed night.  Didn't figure out where I went wrong til I was cleaning up the pics to make a post.  Was distracted by the noise.  Won't happen next time.

Completely forgot Cleansing Flame.  grrrr

Met Bryan for some one-on-one time and a bite to eat before the game.

Headed over to Fantasy Flight after.  Wore my Whipsters bowling shirt.

Zombie list

Mission: Scouring.  Deployment: Vanguard Strike.

Won roll off decided to deploy and go first.
Grey Knights deployment

Zombie deployment

Zombies tried to seize initiative.  Grey Knights continue to go first. 

Top of first.  Purifiers are combat squaded.  Which would've been helpful if I remembered Cleansing Flame and if more than one squad assaults the zombies.  Something to remember next time I play against this army.  Purifiers come out of Rhinos and shoot into close 30 zombie squad.  Didn't learn that mistake til cutting up the pics.  Vindicare takes out Chaos Sorcerers invul save.  Psyflemen take out Sorcerer.

Bottom of first.  Retaliation.  Lascannon team takes out Vindicare.  Deployed him with army not after zombies deployed.  Have to remember Infiltrate next time.  Crew Shaken on one Psyflemen.  Couple of Purifiers removed.

Top of second.  More shooting into zombies.  Complete waste of rounds with Purifiers.  Repair Rhino immobilized due to going through difficult in first turn.  Psyflemen start shooting at heavy weapon teams which make their saves.

Bottom of second.  Zombies continue their march toward the front line.  This noise is what got in my way this game.  Next game won't.  Heavy weapon team takes down a Psyflemen.

Top of third.  Decided to push forward.  Assault zombies and forgot Cleansing Flame.  Doh!  Finally doing something against those pesky weapon teams in the zombie deployment zone.  One Obliterator removed.
Bottom of third.  While tied up in close combat with zombies Plague Marines run around and assault a combat squad.  Again, completely forgot Cleansing Flame. grrrr.  Purifier strength is waning and there is little I can do about it.  Those heavy weapons in the back field are a huge advantage for zombie army.  Bryan is using them very efficiently against my army.

Top of fourth.  Two Purifiers are slowly whittling down zombies.  Not much though.  Probably faster if I would've remembered Cleansing Flame.

Bottom of fourth.  Last Psyflemen is finally removed.  Crowe is removed due to some great shooting from Lascannons.  Need to copy heavy weapons target priority in the future.  There are 9 Purifiers and 3 Rhino's left.

Top of fifth.  Somehow mis-pic.  This is actually bottom of fifth from different angle.

Bottom of fifth.  Six Purifiers remain and one Rhino.  Store closes in 4 mins.  Another turn and perhaps a tabling would've occurred.

Loss 6-1 Zombies

What I learned:

*Deploy second to face only half the army.  Or alpha strike against primary targets if going first.
*Don't bother shooting at zombies.
*Copy heavy weapons target priority.
*Take out heavy weapon teams and Plague Marines.
*When zombies get close to assaulting put rhinos infront of them.
*Remember Cleansing Flame against zombies!  Hell it's the reason I want to play Purifiers.
*Infiltrate, dur.  Deploy assassin after opponent deploys.  Deploy him in a position to take out HQs while out of sight of heavy weapon shooting.

slainte mhath

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